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It’s been said that a picture is worth a thousand words, and if so, then what is a video worth?

A video is capable of telling a story with fewer words, and in less time than a written piece. In a sense you can get more bang for your buck. When done correctly, a video can also take the viewer on a ride to a destination that helps them engage with their favorite brand or product.

Here is a logo animation that Direct Images Interactive created for the Beer Channel program,
Bru Appetit

In the past you would not be able to upload a video to Instagram unless the video was created using the phone camera. Recently, Instagram made changes to its app that now allows you to bring video into your phone and then upload it to Instagram. 

In order to do this, your web video production must be compressed at H.264. Depending on your file format, you may need to recompress your video.

When your video is ready to be uploaded to your phone, (in the case of the iPhone) you can use iTunes to sync the video into the cameral roll.

Once the video is uploaded there, you will find it in folder called “recent uploads". From there you will need to move it to the Instagram folder so it will be able to be called up by the Instagram app.

You can only use 15 seconds of your video, so it is best if you edit your video to the desired length prior to uploading it to your camera roll.  Keep in mind your video must be at least 3 seconds long.

Here is a short video that was created from a larger film; it is the title trailer for a movie,
The Rise and Fall of Burning Man:

Another thing you will want to be sure and do is to choose the frame that will be your image thumbnail. You will want to choose an image from the video that will engage and tell a quick story to clue the viewer into what they will be watching – remember a picture is still worth a 1000 words - take for instance this fun Instagram video representing a Direct Images Interactive logo animation.

The average length for a TV commercial is 15 seconds.  With the same running time, you can now broadcast to over 150 million Instagram users and share your Instagram videos over to Facebook, Twitter and a host of other social sites - the possibilities for marketing your brand with Instagram videos are endless.

It’s easier now than ever before to be where the viewers are.  Now you can do what only the big boys once could – truly advertise to the masses. 


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