10 Tips and Tricks to Boost Social Media Engagement on Pinterest


Pinterest is one of a kind, newer to the social media scene as far as business marketing is concerned, but is far more powerful than most marketers might expect.

As with any social media engagement there are things you absolutely must do in order to move forward with a successful social media marketing campaign strategy.

  • Set your tone.
  • Stylize your brand across all social platforms.
  • Understand your audience.

Once you have covered the basics, you can continue with this list to help your bring traffic to your Pinterest and funnel it out to your website, internal landing pages, other social platforms, and anything you are using to build your contact database.

Here are some Best Practices for successful business on Pinterest:

  1. Talk to your audience: Many times marketers tend to talk towards a generalized audience. When you begin your inbound methodology, you learn that getting to know the persona and their location within the buyer's journey is so much more important that the tangible size of the message. People appreciate when a brand's message is aligned with their own life - events, thoughts, questions, etc. Recommendations are a great way to engage with your audience and provide them with useful content that aligns with thoughts and events in their lives personally.
  2. Become the go-to for subject matter expertise: You know your stuff, so tell the world. Arrange your pins in a manner that can help recreate your buyer's journey. Take them to places on your website they have not been before. Show your pinners just how much you know about your niche with a board created solely with how-to videos that lead to an external landing page with your Call-to-Action offer.
  3. Use #Hashtags Properly: Get #hashtag specific. The goal when using a #hashtag is to attract as many qualified eyes (qualified leads with eyes on your content) as possible. A qualified lead is one that fits within your target market or the buyer persona you have designated as your primary persona. Best practice would be to gather a list of 10-20 keywords that parallel your campaign goals, branding throughout the company, and niche specific keywords to use as your #first set of #hashtags. Test them out, remember you want to be sure you have established if you want to boost traffic to your social platform or if you want to push your social traffic out to your company website. This is key in how you choose your hashtags.
  4. Host a giveaway: Simply stated, create a pin. Share this pin with others to get the promotion off and running. Incentivize re-pins, follows, pin suggestions, comments, all of these are opportunities to delight your current customers, attract new ones and build brand awareness all while building your email contact list with visits from Pinterest to your offer pages.
  5. Be Innovative: Explore the world of Pinterest. Interact with Pinners and parallel niches. Create a list of boards you would like to monitor as an individual and that you will monitor as the brand. This technique will ensure your voice and tone within the branding is on target for your market personas.
  6. Keep Your Boards Organized: Don’t get all willy-nilly when you are pinning. Be sure to describe your pins in detail, use the link in the caption box, leave your  #hashtags in the comment box for the pin. Keep your boards themed. There is no rule on Pinterest limiting the number of pins you post. Organize them in as many boards as you need. Pinterest, like everything, will take time. That is okay. Enjoy the ride.
  7. Satisfy the Need: Be on the lookout for what is working and what isn’t. Trending, fresh, cutting edge content is a difficult beast to tame, but if enough time is spent understanding what your customers need, you will find that it becomes easier and easier to satisfy these needs.
  8. Parallel promotions: Cross-promote with other companies who are parallel with your content and target markets. Shout out to them once in a while. Compliment their content. Engage with other brands, build community, place your Pinterest at the center of thought leadership by presenting the most valuable information you can round up.
  9. Share to Facebook, YouTube, G+ first: Pin your social posts to different boards as you deem fit.
  10. Create interactive Pin Boards: Video is the way of the new world and if your company is not taking advantage of the benefits of video you may miss out on all the Internet has to offer concerning the growth of your company. To find out more about video marketing and its role in a successful content marketing mix subscribe to our blog if you havent already.

Call out the most important elements of the visual. Include “Tweet this!” links that mention key points and vital takeaways from your visual. 

There is a lot to understand and think about when creating a Pinterest account. Organization is key. Organizing your Pinterest boards and pins is just as important as completing these steps 



Pinterest For Business

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