22 Ways to Improve Your Inbound Marketing Strategy


Content marketing can be a challenge. There are usually a lot of moving parts and this demands agility, creativity, and big doses of get stuff done (GSD).

Meeting your inbound marketing strategy and goals may weigh heavy on your mind, but it doesn’t need to be so ominous. There are plenty of small, simple steps you can take immediately. These have the potential to greatly affect your future marketing success.

  1. Use highly targeted micro-niche blog posts with two qualifying segments that overlap.

    In today’s marketplace, a business needs to specialize in a micro niche in order to optimize success.—Huffington Post

  2. Use specific content for specific buyer personas. Start small by categorizing your content ideas into folders for each buyer persona. Add to your collection when you come across a question or topic that will benefit your content audience.

    Pro Tip: Using a documented content marketing process will help streamline your content production efforts, thus making your strategy more agile and innovative. We have developed tools to help you hit the ground running. Find all of our content and inbound marketing tools and resources here.

  3. Introduce influencer marketing in a way that is unique to your brand, product, service, or campaign initiative.

  4. Improve your content marketing efforts by compiling a list of influencers to reach out to.

  5. Always keep and defend your industry white glove techniques. Stay in line with industry specific culture code when developing a content marketing strategy.

  6. Be passionate when developing content for marketing. If you are knowledgeable and care about the subject, it will come through to your audience. Stick to what you know, and be appreciated for your unique contribution.

  7. Don't just throw out all of your principles because you are adapting a new way of marketing. Recycle and adapt old processes. Be sure to infuse them with new content marketing tactics.

  8. Streamline content consumption for your audiencealign your strategy with their preferences. Give them the content they want to consume, when they want to consume it, via their favorite platform.

  9. Reach out to marketers and industry leaders you admire. Network and build industry friendships—you never know when these connections could spark.

    In-Sites Thought Hive
  10. Start notes for an updated style guide. It is extremely important to keep your voice and tone consistent.

  11. Keep a running list of changes that need to be made in your strategy. Organize them into long-term and short-term goals, and assign each item a due date by which it needs to be addressed. This will keep you on-focus, minimize stress, and avoid distractions.

  12. Seek help when you need it. Rebranding could be a lot less painful if you take an agency or project manager on board.

  13. Inbound marketing can be liberating for your business. Explore all of the ins-and-outs of your brand. Honesty is key.

  14. Allow yourself to worry less about what you can't do and focus more on what you can do.

  15. Highlight processes or products that your competitors are not highlighting. Fill a unique information space within your niche.

  16. Address issues with your packaging or customer experience. Happy customers are the foundation of a solid business. To turn customers into brand advocates, they need to have an exceptional experience with your brand. Make sure they do!

  17. Focus on partners. Distribute the workforce and still be a onestop shop for inbound/website/video marketing.

  18. Try a content tilt: authenticity.

  19. Share a method that is appealing to your audience. Introduce yourself or company as a thought leader within your industry.

    Pro Tip: You may be a business owner, CEO, or other business professional with a powerful message to share. A message of innovation, a message that will make a difference. Becoming a thought leader is using and sharing your message that will create mini miracles for your business and ultimately your audience.

  20. Stay approachable. If someone asks you a question, or makes a complaint, respond in a friendly and timely manner.

  21. Blog, blog, blog! Post, post, post! Keep your blogging and social strategy on a regular and frequent schedule. This point should speak for itself.

  22. Interact with your community. See what hot topics are hot each day. Set a quantitative goal to ask questions and start conversations with those in your industry.

With a little focus, a lot of GSD, and a splash of guidance—you should be on the road to improve your inbound marketing strategy. Remember it is about the reader, your audience, the buyer personas; the very ones who will help you move the needle.

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