7 Habits of a Successful Email Marketing Manager

7-habits-successful-marketing-manager_1000x576There is a lot that goes into a successful email marketing campaign.  More so, there is a lot an email marketing manager must remember when creating emails.  These habits should become second nature as time passes. What may seem overwhelming right now will soon settle into a very successful email marketing routine.

Habits for your successful email marketing campaigns.

Goal Setting: We all know how important goal setting is in life. It plays an equally important role in a marketing department. Setting goals for each email will not only allow for you to measure and track the email performance, but also provide a milestone for the campaign that the email is a part of. Setting goals is one of the most important habits you can initiate in your email marketing process.

Know Your Audience: Most marketers realize how important knowing their audience is, but do you know them in the proper ways? A successful email marketing manager listens to their audience. The idea here is to fully understand their pain points so that you may address them in an interesting and informative manner. Understand their needs, and reach out via their preferred form of communication so you can deliver the best email subscription possible to their inbox.

Content Creation: Every email marketing manager has a very stable hand on their content creation process. If you're not there yet, don’t fret. This is another task that will come full-circle as your content production increases. For more information about content creation please read our blog: Get Strategic with Integrated Marketing.

Garner from Other Resources: Some of the best marketing managers have mastered the mimic. Many take bits and pieces from brilliant marketing examples and business emails here and there to build on their skillset and knowledge base. This chameleon-like technique requires you to venture out of your comfort zone to change the colors and tones of the blogs different individuals habitually read.

Social Media: These content delivery options are vital because they serve a twofold purpose. They not only allow you to listen to the problems and issues you should be addressing within your email but also help you to build your email list. Sending your social media followers to your website’s external landing pages for the most recent freemium offer your company released is one of the best ways to build your  email marketing list.

Design Awareness: Time is money. We are all aware of the value of a minute. Easy-to-scan content is crucial to email marketing success. It is a huge compliment when someone takes 30 seconds of their day to read your email out of the hundreds of emails they receive daily. Don’t demand more time than necessary with difficult to navigate, clunky content, images, or design. Keep your font no less than 12pt and wordsmith your way to short and sweet.

*Side Note: The time it takes for an individual to consume your entire email should not reflect the amount of information they receive as a result of the time spent. The value should outweigh the time spent.

Analyze, Test, Adjust: The marketing world has a backbone composed of analytics - and this extends to email marketing as well. There is no better way to perfect the process, strategy, or content piece than to test its performance against both itself and other emails. A successful email marketing manager always tests different components of an email or strategy to produce the very best content to the inboxes of those who will benefit most. To start, test your subject lines. Switch them up a bit, include your keywords, and make them as personal as possible. Test the subject by taking the destination list and send an email to half with one subject line and a different for the other half of the list. This same process works for each element of your email.

Email marketing can be very challenging if you do not have the proper habits, processes, and procedures. To ensure you have efficiently checked all of the white glove email marketing tips, please download our free eBook below.

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