A Content Production Process For Successful Inbound Marketing


Establishing a marketing plan is a good idea for any business. I think most will agree that understanding your audience is imperative to a successful marketing strategy. But, what does that really mean in the spectrum of content creation?

In order to achieve content marketing success, you must first have a strategy for what the content will be.

The next most important part of your inbound marketing excursion is developing a workflow—an established process by which your content will be created.

Produce valuable content offers—ones that go above and beyond what others in your industry are producing. This can be achieved in many ways. You can include online video, interactive images, or any other interactive content that will grab and keep the attention of your viewers long enough for them to understand the value of your content community. It will allow them time to decide if they want to become an engaged member of your content community or not.

Pop-up ads, pop-up subscription windows and other “in-your-face” list-building tactics are not always beneficial when building a community. So take this into consideration when you are setting up the functionality of your site.

It’s not about catching the attention of everyone who comes across your content. Rather, your content should attract and convert the right people. The right people are those who will most benefit from what you have to say. The right people will become interested  and participate in your content community. You’re creating a mutually beneficial value exchange: an engaged relationship. You provide great content and they will provide great feedback. This feedback will allow you to evolve by improving your content for the specific audience. Think of what will be most beneficial for your business goals. What will increase your ROI?

Develop blog posts and social media updates that are appealing to your niche audience as well. It would be a good idea to think to yourself, “Will this social update or blog post aid in the information transfer between my audience and my content? Will it help further internal business goals?” If you have answered yes to both, it would be a great blog or social post. If you answered no, you may want to circle the wagons and find something else upon which to base your post.

If you have done the legwork and completed your buyer persona profiles, you’ll have even more insight into your target audience’s content consumption preferences. Use this information to:

Develop a calendar and/or a flow chart. It may be helpful to develop both as your team members may prefer one over the other. Clarity within your content creation process is vital to its success.

Calendars and flowcharts will help you stay focused on the particular campaign goal for each content pillar, blog post, or social media distribution post. These tools can also help you keep your content honed in and on-track for your buyer personas and their preferences.

As a business owner or marketing manager, you may find it difficult to visualize and plan the content production process. For this reason, it is important to set benchmarks that will allow you to track the progress of the content being produced. This will help keep your content on the right track.

Too often organizations get caught up in the production of content and making it the coolest or best-looking content available and the informational portion takes a back seat. Content that causes mixed messages and confusion among your community is useless, no matter how cool or edgy it looks.

To avoid this confusion, it is important that all hands on deck know and understand the purpose of the content piece and who will be reading it. Who is the piece specifically developed for? This should be a question you ask frequently when developing or reviewing any piece of content.

You have a treasure trove of information to relay to current and potential members of your content community of your brand supporters. Knowing and understanding their likes, dislikes, and preferences will help you become a star in their minds. This can translate into a well-developed value exchange, and in turn, a possible lifetime consumer of your content, products, and services.

Stay focused. Write everything down. Stick to the plan. Start creating effective content that attracts, converts, closes, and delights!

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