An Inbound Marketing Guide for Successful Product Marketing

inbound-marketing-guide-successful-product-marketing_1000x576.jpgOne of the more telling issues so many small to medium-sized businesses have with their marketing efforts is that they try to do too much all at the same time. Of course, you should be multi-tasking and, of course, you should have your objective goals always in mind. Still you need to follow a path to get to the end. Like life, there are no shortcuts. 

So here is an inbound marketing guide that can lead to a successful product marketing campaign for you and your business.

An inbound marketing guide, like everything else, begins at the beginning. You need to have a good idea and this idea has got to be crystal clear. What are you trying to say? Who are you trying to reach? How long do you anticipate this process to take? As an aside, this marketing plan should not just be for a specific product launch; you should be marketing everything you sell all the time. If you sell it and no one knows about it, was your product ever really for sale?

The next component to your inbound marketing guide is that you really need to know your audience. What are the topics you would like your inbound marketing to cover? What section of your shopping audience are you trying to reach out to? What are these customers looking for? Your marketing needs to be directed towards something and someone but it also should be able to resonate out to anyone who crosses paths.

Once you have gotten those metrics, you need a way to measure them. One sure-fire way to figure this is by having a dedicated landing page for each campaign you introduce. This is the place where you can track and record those visits as well as tag shoppers with some type of marker that you can decipher where they’re from. 

You also are going to need a system that can categorize and organize these landing pages. These are all things which will tend towards the technical so you should be sure to have someone on your side who knows how to implement and track these things.

How about a video for your inbound marketing campaign? Everybody else is doing it, why shouldn’t you? This isn’t a peer pressure situation either; adding video to your marketing just makes good sense. There is a far greater ROI from marketing where people can see your products in use than simple still pictures or just words.

Another way to predict success, and adjust your efforts, is to track your campaigns success in Google Analytics and the HubSpot platform.  

Finally, there is the matter of getting this campaign out to the masses. You need to distribute your marketing down every avenue that will have a warm welcoming for your products or services. Do you have a handle on how the distribution process works for online marketing?

Just because it’s inbound marketing, you still need to get readers and viewers to see what you have to offer. This point also gets back to that age-old question; is a marketing campaign with no one to watch it even a marketing campaign at all?

You may be fully prepared to handle this inbound marketing campaign and all that it entails. If you are, that’s great. You should definitely set this program in motion. If you have an inbound success story, leave it in the comments below. We will be sharing examples of great inbound wins as submitted by our readers. 

Unfortunately, most business owners are stuck in the weeds of all that a true inbound marketing campaign entails. If you would like a partner to help you develop a strategy, build-out inbound marketing assets, produce a marketing video, or generate leads, Direct Images Interactive Inbound Marketing Agency has been helping clients with all of their marketing needs and now they can help you!

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