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Creating awesome video marketing content can be hard, but getting those videos in front of the right eyes can seem impossible at times. Don’t worry—that’s far from the truth! Let us answer some of your questions concerning strategies and best practices for online video distribution.

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Video distribution is getting your video out there to your audience through social platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, Twitter, etc. You can also use other forms of content to distribute your videos.—Direct Images Interactive

Let’s dive deep into the crux of your video distribution questions...

Where should I share my video for better reach?

Your best bet is to share your video where your audience is likely to find it. To determine where they’re likely to engage with your content, you might need to do a bit of digging. Look at your buyer personas and at your past engagement stats, and let them inform your strategy. Other than that, you can consult some options below to see what platform might be best suited for your video.

  • YouTube is the second largest search engine, and the largest platform for videos and video searches. It has the largest viewer base native to the platform. This will be a great benefit if you do not already have a large viewership because it will boost your chances that someone will stumble upon your video while poking around YouTube. If you have a YouTube following already, your chances are all the better to build your community and gain more followers when you post there. YouTube is home to a myriad of different video types—from entertainment and journalism to product demos and how-to videos.
  • Facebook is the second-leading social video network, after YouTube. Since their recent adoption of native video, the rules have changed a bit. Facebook now grants increased visibility to the videos that are directly uploaded to Facebook rather than shared from YouTube or another streaming video source. If you choose to use Facebook in your video distribution strategy, you should be sure to upload directly to the platform to get the best reach possible.
  • Twitter is also a great place to share video. Twitter has added native video recently, and has integrated with the live streaming app Periscope. It’s a great place to leverage #hashtags and @mentions to get traffic flowing to your video.
  • Instagram is ideal for short video clips, especially product previews or time-lapse videos.
  • Your website is, of course, an awesome place for your videos! Add them to your blog posts, in your email newsletters, or include them as part of a lead nurturing campaign.

The best advice is to share your video where your audience will find it. And for many companies that will mean hosting your video on a few different platforms.

Pro Tip:  Increase shareability by following the latest video SEO best practices.

  • Use keywords to optimize for search
  • Always include a catchy title
  • Be sure to include a thorough meta description for the video and the website page it lives on (in the YouTube space this would be the video description)
  • Use video tags to help segment and categorize your video
  • Include all your videos in a sitemap
  • Share, share, share…the more your video is shared the better off it will be. Inbound links are big when it comes to SEO and this is no different for video SEO, so pass it around.

How should I strategize my video marketing content for a more organic approach to distribution?

Start by planning a video with a clear purpose. Present your customers or leads with the information they need to make an informed purchasing decision, but present it in line with your brand and style.

Video Thumbnail

We like to start with a few questions in the planning stage. Why are you looking for viewership? Do you have a sales benchmark or particular goal you are trying to meet, or are you simply looking to build brand awareness? Do you have a way to convert viewers to leads (i.e. landing pages, downloadable offers, or coupon codes)?

Are you looking to meet lead generation or lead conversion goals for your videos? If so, address your audience’s pain points and reasons for watching. Always keep your videos relevant and on-topic.

Aim to create videos that are evergreen and have enduring value for your business.—Direct Images Interactive

Pro Tip: Your audience should always influence your video creation process. From how long your videos should be to the type of content you create, everything should be catered to your audience.

Does sharing my video on social media help my website performance?

Hosting videos on social media as your only distribution method may increase your brand's social reach but may not effectively attract the high-quality leads that you are hoping for. If you are not actively using CTAs and lead capturing landing pages, your video marketing and distribution efforts may fall to the wayside.

It is important to look at other metrics besides website traffic within the video distribution process. Custom lead scoring will help gain insight into the performance of your website, and the impact social media has on its growth.

Links on social media are often considered higher-quality links, because social sites have a high web authority from the get-go. Even if your Facebook page is new, it’s likely to rank highly (and maybe even surpass your website) thanks to Facebook’s overall high authority.—Social Media Examiner

Sharing videos on social media should go without saying. At the end of the day, publishing consistently and focusing on building a community will inevitably help boost website performance. Stay focused on your goals and stick to your strategy. Your community and website performance will reflect your diligence.

Should I host my video on YouTube or on my website?

Both! A video posted to YouTube will have an audience via YouTube that may be different than your website’s. If it’s also hosted on your website, video will encourage people to subscribe to your emails, follow you socially and ultimately increase viewership on your site. To get the best of both worlds, post to both, but on YouTube, use specific calls-to-action to guide viewers to your website for further information.

YouTube is a social video platform that a majority of businesses use to host their videos. But you could also consider hosting on your website with an online video platform like Wistia or Vidyard. Either way, don’t feel limited to hosting on just one site.Direct Images Interactive

Pro Tip: Get your stuff out there and bring visitors back to your website through strong call-to-actions or references to additional blog posts or videos that are hosted on your site.

Can I send a video via email? Is it recommended?

You definitely can, and it is by all means recommended if it is fulfilling a content need. And PLEASE, for the love of email, don’t send a video just to send a video. Build a campaign, develop a plan, strategize a video series or set of videos that will keep the recipient on the edge of their seat anxiously awaiting your next release. If you have a great video that will help clarify questions that your customers or leads have, then by all means, email away!

Different email platforms will treat your video differently. Some platforms will allow you to view video directly in your email window, and some won’t, so you should make sure you have a link to the video in your email for those who can’t view it directly.

Unless you are building a YouTube campaign to generate more followers for your YouTube channel, sending your audience to your video hosted on your site is a safer option. Sending them directly to YouTube runs the risk of your audience getting distracted by other videos, and forgetting that your video was why they landed there in the first place.

Pro Tip: Your ideal option is to direct your viewers straight to the video, hosted on your website. For YouTube videos, always encourage your community to subscribe to your YouTube Channel so they are notified when you have posted a new video.

Check out this infographic from our partner WistiaYou’ve Got Video Mail which proves the benefits of distributing video via email.


Yes, there are a lot of moving parts involved in successful video distribution, but it’s far from impossible. With the right strategy, it can even be, dare we say, easy! Did we skip over anything you were hoping to learn about video distribution? If so, just sumit your questions HERE. Until next time, keep your communication lines open. Don’t know the answer—just ASK.

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