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Behind-the-scenes at the movers & MAKERS Internet Broadcast

Posted by Bill Knowland Aug 8, 2014

Recently we produced an Internet Broadcast, movers and MAKERS, which was a streaming video event planned to run concurrently with the Make San Leandro Maker Faire.

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How to Create Thought Leadership Marketing with Internet Broadcasting

Posted by Bill Knowland Jun 19, 2014

A great Internet marketing strategy is to be a thought leader and to position your company as its own Internet broadcasting network. Companies are leveraging content marketing to become their own online publishing enterprise. 

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Davis Street Family Resource Center - Video Testimonials

Posted by Bill Knowland May 16, 2014

Direct Images Interactive is proud to have provided video production services for the Davis Street Family Resource Center located here in San Leandro. The work consisted of a series of video testimonials and interviews to help tell the story of the Davis Street facility.

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Successful Ways to Shoot Video Interviews

Posted by Bill Knowland May 7, 2014

A great way that you can convey information about your company, service or topic of interest is by shooting a video interview. Once you have the acquired key information you are looking to convey, you can weave the footage together with B-roll cut-aways that enhance your piece through video storytelling.

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Internet Broadcasting Trends - Broadcast Minds 2014

Posted by Bill Knowland Apr 29, 2014

Internet broadcasting is a viable way to build an audience. Live streaming video and personal VLOGs alike have been increasing in popularity over the past few years as technology continues to improve the online video viewing experience.  As Internet television becomes more user friendly, it is poised to continue its rise in market share over traditional television and cable TV.  Internet television shows are engaging streaming video viewers in new and different ways.

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NAB Report: Video Production Trends 2014

Posted by Bill Knowland Apr 21, 2014

Over 1500 top video companies unveiled new broadcasting related products to over 98,000 visitors at NAB 2014.  Here is a look at some of the current trends in video that are occurring.

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Video Production Trends - Broadcast Minds at NAB

Posted by Bill Knowland Apr 3, 2014

With NAB 2014 coming up next week, it seemed like a great time to take another look at last years Broadcast Minds panel discussion, which was a highlight at NAB. The topic was how Internet content creators see video production trends in broadcasting and what they feel the future of broadcasting is.

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A Banner Year with HP

Posted by Bill Knowland Feb 11, 2014

2013 was a busy year, and we wanted to share some of what we've been up to. We moved to a larger space and have increased our staff and capacity to offer expanded marketing services and assist with a major initiative for HP.

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New San Leandro - How Innovation Happens in San Leandro

Posted by Bill Knowland Feb 11, 2014

The City of San Leandro awarded Direct Images Interactive the contract to create a video that explores aspects of the City's manufacturing innovation ecosystem. The video, New San Leandro, was co-produced by Chief Innovation Officer of San Leandro, Deborah Acosta and Director, Bill Knowland.

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Who are Bill and Beverly Knowland of Direct Images Interactive?

Posted by Bill Knowland Nov 8, 2013

The San Jose Mercury news published an article on our company and we thought you might like to read more about who we are and what we do.

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