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FAQ Friday: Inbound Marketing Campaign in 2017

Posted by Cydne Stewart May 12, 2017

As you develop a strategy and a process to manage your inbound marketing campaigns in 2017, questions concerning marketing automation and email marketing may arise. We have gathered a few of the most pressing questions surrounding marketing automation and email marketing and brought the answers to you below.
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Thought Hive: "Must Have" Technical Elements of a Successful Website

Posted by Cydne Stewart May 1, 2017

Your website is an exceptional place to match your brand messaging to the needs of your different buyer personas and website visitors. As a result, you will have a better-performing, longer-standing, and more productive community building machine. Let's take a look at the "must have" technical elements of a successful website.

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The Challenges of Inbound Marketing in 2017

Posted by Cydne Stewart Feb 15, 2017

It’s no secret that marketing has changed drastically over the past decade. Ten years ago, you could invest in a few adsonline and print, send out a monthly newsletter—online or print, and often just pick up the phone to make a few cold calls each day to achieve marketing success.

Fast forward to 2017—Inbound Marketing—things are a bit more complex, purchasing decisions are made with emotion and a mobile device, product knowledge is self-served via Google, and of course you have heard it a million times, content is king in this digital age.

But, for marketers to develop a successful marketing strategy they must stay focused on a content distribution strategy (one that provides continuous lead generation, contact, and sales conversions). They must rely heavily on cutting edge content and innovative concepts and hope for virality. All while maintaining a consistent publishing schedule and engaging social communities across the web, among other things.’s tiring just thinking about all of it.

Which is why I have gathered a list of best practices to keep at the forefront of your daily activity. My hope is to keep you focused on what matters, help you establish priorities for your business (because each one is a little different) and hopefully provide a little peace of mind along the way.

Let’s jump in…

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FAQ Friday: 10 Questions to Consider During Your Website Redesign

Posted by Cydne Stewart Feb 10, 2017

So, your company has decided it’s time for a new website. You know there are a lot of things that need to be done in order to make it to a successful launch, but you don't know where to start. Because your website is the digital face of your business it is important to clarify as many details as possible prior to jumping into the website redesign process.

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Advertising vs. Marketing Your Startup: The Battle of ROI

Posted by Cydne Stewart Jun 29, 2016

If you own (or work for) a startup, you undoubtedly know how heavily ROI factors into the decision-making process especially when it comes to weighing the options of advertising vs marketing your startup. When you are trying to make a major impact on a tight startup budget, you need to know that your investments will be fruitful and worthwhile. Not only that, you might not have the time and resources to feel like you’ve fully explored and researched all your options.

Well, fear not! We’ve done the heavy lifting for you. In today’s blog, discover insights about and comparisons of content marketing versus paid advertising. So if you’re in need of effective budgeting between paid advertising and content marketing, then read on, brave startup soldier! Read on!

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How to Video Marketing: Tips for Startups

Posted by Cydne Stewart Jun 14, 2016

Has your company embraced the changing times? Have you decided to jump into video marketing head first, but feel stuck, confused, or misled? Introducing a new element to your marketing mix, product branding, or business marketing strategy can really put a jam in your well oiled lead generation machine. However, it does not have to default to chaos. In today’s article, get ready for your how to video marketing introduction.


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FAQ Friday: Creating a User Experience in 2016

Posted by Cydne Stewart Jun 3, 2016

In this edition of FAQ Friday, we will discuss how to create a user experience, why it is relevant to your business, and the many benefits of providing a pleasant user experience in 2016.

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How to Establish a Keyword Strategy for Your Tech Startup

Posted by Cydne Stewart Jun 1, 2016

Researching your keyword strategy is one of the most important tasks a business owner or marketing manager for a startup company can do to help generate a successful inbound marketing campaign strategy.

To start off you should create your keyword strategy around your buyer personas. In three simple steps these buyer persona profiles can be completed and prove valuable to marketing efforts now and in the future. Remember, they are living documents—always editable, and constantly growing. Start by defining these three categories below.

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How Tech Startups Improve Local SEO

Posted by Cydne Stewart May 31, 2016

Google recently released a report informing marketers, SEO specialists, and business owners alike that 20% of searches on its properties have local intent, a figure that doubles to 40% for mobile search. Implementing local search optimization is an important component of your web site development—particularly for startups.

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Thought Hive: Balancing UX and SEO

Posted by Cydne Stewart May 30, 2016


Most modern marketers might feel a bit unsettled when we are creating a web page based solely on user experience—placing SEO second to value, usability, adaptability, desirability. Not to mention all of the other important elements of an exceptional user experience.

How could we just brush off the mechanics of ranking high on a search engine when there are keywords stuffed and scattered everywhere?

The good news is, now more than ever, Google and the engineers behind the algorithm want nothing more than high-quality content developed with the user in mind.

Let’s format, strategize, and conquer both at the same time. Let’s create a better experience all around. Here are a few thought leaders who have chimed in about the balance between user experience and SEO — even Google.

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