How to Produce Winning Video for Marketing and Advertising

how-to-produce-winning-video-marketing-advertising_1000x576.jpgVideo is becoming a top choice for marketing and advertising due to positive feedback the past few years from advertising agency experts. A recent survey by Strata found that over two-thirds of U.S. advertising agency professionals say video is now their top priority for clients. A majority of marketers are also saying online video has become just as or more effective than television commercials. Here are methods to consider for your marketing and advertising video production. 

How to produce a video.

Your first step to planning marketing and advertising videos is to hire an experienced video production team that can bring your ideas to life. You may also decide that instead of hiring actors, you can save money by using talent from your own staff that have vast product knowledge and know how to be compelling storytellers of your brand. Authentic staff members will convey more credibility than script readers.

The experienced production team will know how to move your project along to and meet your desired deadline. They understand how to avoid bottlenecks that slow down video projects. The key is to get your thoughts organized and then convey them to the production team. The team can assist in storyboarding and script writing. The production team will then shoot the video and do post-production editing and turn it into a video worth publishing on your website or sharing through social media. 

Deciding on video content.

Before you create your video, you will need a storyboard, outline, or a structured script that ensures the content will never have a dull moment. Some of the most successful marketing and advertising videos for businesses have been based on product demonstrations, customer testimonials, and entrepreneurial culture.

Perhaps you want to make a series of videos and each one represents a different stage in the sales funnel. That could mean six different episodes that focus on the following:

  • building brand awareness by introducing company and product information
  • showcasing how your products meet consumer needs
  • establishing thought leadership and trust by answering common questions
  • offering product demonstrations so prospects feel they've experienced your brand
  • explaining the purchasing process
  • providing customer testimonials why they are loyal to your brand

Nature of a compelling narrative.

Remember that you are not just making videos for fun or because they are trendy. Useful videos help attract leads that can turn into conversions or be nurtured for the future. So keep in mind that to hold an audience's attention, you have to make sure the video tells a compelling story in a short amount of time.

Forget about how television commercials are produced, because they have always been designed to play a one-size-fits-all numbers game. TV ads are much more expensive, yet rely on a hit and miss process in which a general message might reach the masses, but only a small percentage of viewers will ever respond. Online video marketing is more directly aimed at your target market, allowing you to get more in-depth on your company's past, present or future.

Instead of imagining a sixty-second commercial, avoid strict time restraints and make a video that's not too short and not too long. Focus on the most important points you want to get across. Everyone loves storytelling, so tell your story in a way that rewards an already interested audience. Producing a video for marketing and advertising is to give your brand definition a genuine meaning, as opposed to contrived, storytelling.

Be creative.

Another main concept to remember when producing business videos is to eliminate the false cliche "art doesn't sell". If art didn't sell, then the internet and all other media would be very boring and would not be as popular as it is. The notion that creativity is the opposite of commerce is ridiculous when you consider that the core of most brands features artistic and memorable visuals. Don't be afraid to come up with outside-the-box ideas, since that will help you stand out from competitors.

The last thing you want your video to be is identical to many other videos. The object is not necessarily to be mass appeal or go viral, since the real goal is to delight your target market in a way that traditional media can't. Original, informative content will also help your video gain visible search rankings in Google, YouTube, and other search engines. Duplicate content is frowned upon by search engines, so maximize your video with a creative edge that cannot be found elsewhere online.

Transcribing your video to text is a helpful way to improve search rankings since search engine robots do not index video content. Finally, make sure your video is based on important keywords that define your brand.

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