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basics-inbound-marketing_1000x576Every day, marketers and business owners alike are on the lookout for the most efficient way to scale their marketing reach. With attention spans steadily dwindling, and technology monopolizing our time, it is a constant struggle to develop a winning marketing strategy that efficiently attracts, converts, closes, and continues to delight customers throughout the customer lifecycle. With the constant need to acquire more leads, retain customers and maintain customer satisfaction ratings, the plot thickens.

Today, we’ll delve into the value proposition of inbound marketing as it applies to your business.  Is your business struggling to generate qualified leads due to high customer acquisition costs? Return on investment is always at the forefront of business owners’ minds, for good reason.

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The best way to discover how inbound can benefit your business is to see what it has done for others.

Gone are the days of pop-up advertising, spam email, and accidental clicks on PPC ads cluttering the Internet. Inbound marketing is the best way to turn your website visitors into customers and promoters of your business.

Your question now is probably, how can inbound help my marketing efforts? How does it boost ROI? Is the time spent worth it? The answer is YES, and in a big way! Looking at this chart, you can see the ROI increase year-over-year from 3 separate companies both pre- and post-inbound. It works!

On average, inbound marketing costs 62% less than the washed out tactics used in traditional outbound marketing. In fact, 3 out of 4 inbound marketing channels cost less than any single outbound channel, cutting customer acquisition costs dramatically.

Inbound marketing is a direct way to establish thought leadership within your industry niche. This is beneficial for many reasons including website traffic generation, community engagement online, and brand recognition.

Furthermore, 7 in 10 consumers say they prefer to learn about a company through a collection of articles rather than in an ad. (

Inbound marketing creates traction between a particular product or service and its consumers. Creating and sharing content with inbound marketing creates a captive audience of people who legitimately care about the work you do, the industry you play in, and the problems you’re solving.

The versatility of inbound plays to the strong points of each business utilizing an inbound marketing strategy.

Inbound marketing is a new concept with a lot of moving parts. The best way to understand is to dive right in. Let's Get started.

Let's first take a look at the big picture. As you can see, there are four complete stages of the inbound methodology. attract, convert, close, and delight. Each stage is designed to lead a website visitor through the lifecycle stages of the buyer's journey all the way to the evangelistic phase where customers become repeat customers and thus promoters of your product or service.

In order to truly understand the development process from visitor to promoter of your brand, we should break the methodology down into four stages.

The attract stage (also known as the traffic generation stage) is the first of the four stages of the inbound methodology. In the attract phase you can use content pieces, blog posts, campaigns, social media, inbound links, and other HubSpot content creation tools and resources to increase website traffic.

Next we have the convert stage. This is where the magic happens. All of the content you have created for the attract portion of the methodology will help bring in website visitors. The value here is, if executed properly, the content created in the attract stage will help guide your website visitors into qualified leads. This happens because the content they are searching for is hosted (by you) on your website, and they are attracted to the content and value you are offering. In this stage, you will use landing pages, and data-capturing tools like landing pages, calls-to-action, smart forms and other tools provided by Hubspot to gather information about leads. The closing stage is up next where lead nurturing, contacts, and list segmentation come into play. This stage of the inbound process is based solely on a company's time frame to reach out to, discuss, and seal the deal with their freshly qualified sales lead.

Once the deal is done, the work is over, right? Not hardly, the delight stage of the inbound marketing methodology is very important for a few reasons. First, and maybe most importantly, word of mouth spreads like wildfire. If you have a client or repeat client for that matter, they could be the bread and butter of your testimonial marketing, a veritable gold mine for brand recognition.

Now that we’ve scratched the inbound surface and have gathered the concepts of inbound marketing, you can begin to see the benefits in adapting your marketing plan to one aligned with the inbound methodology.

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