Best Email Marketing Strategies for Products & Services


All well-designed email marketing campaigns have a few elements in common that yield high open rates, more exposure and greater repeat customers. It starts with planning, design and crafting an email list full of people who sincerely want to hear more about your company.

Testing the Strength of Your Best Email Marketing Campaign

The great thing about email marketing is that it can be used in tandem with big data to give you more precise analytics and tell you what's working — and what needs to be scrapped.

Specifically, you can analyze everything from your email open and click-through rates to your conversion rates to determine the best email marketing campaign for your products and services.

  • Open Rate
  • Click-Through Rate
  • Conversion Rate

The majority of inbound marketing agencies consider your open rate the most important metric. Why? Because a high open rate means that your messages are meeting subscribers interest (and not being marked as spam) while increasing the chances that you sell more products and services and keep your conversion rate robust.  

The reason is that through a high open rate you're able to discern that customers aren't marking your emails as spam, they're staying up-to-date with your content, and they're probably also considering clicking on embedded links (click-through rate).

A high open rate might additionally predispose customers to follow through with a task laid out in the email message — e.g., a high conversion rate calculated by the percentage of people who, for instance, purchase a product or sign up for one of your services.

The top email marketing campaigns also have low unsubscribe rates — less than one-tenth of one percent for the top performers — and also low marked-as-spam rates. Taken together this means that email marketing campaigns that are working have higher open rates since customers are staying subscribed and engaged with your products and services.

If through A/B testing one message versus another you discover a higher open rate, then you have a good indication that one of your email lists is markedly more interested in what you have to say. If, on the other hand, you think you could be getting more overall out of your email marketing campaigns by designing more targeted email lists and using more intelligent segmentation, then continue reading.

Event-Driven Marketing and Dynamic Content

Taking into account demographics (age, gender, etc.) alongside customers' interests, preferences and hobbies (psychographics) can increase the relevance of your emails. B2C marketing that also factors in changes in a customer's needs and preferences (event-driven marketing) are usually rewarded with higher open rates, click-through rates and ultimately more conversions. (HubSpot)

Further personalizing your emails with dynamic content is a great way to serve up more relevant content to your customers.

Instead of sending out the same content to all of the people on your email list, dynamic email content allows you to tailor a different message for various segments of your email list depending on personal differences and how ready they are to purchase one of your products.

This need not be complicated. You can get much more out of your email marketing campaign, which 96% of companies believe they can do with more personalized emails, by segmenting your email list by age or gender and sending relevant content to each segment in turn. This not only greatly improves the efficiency of your overarching email marketing campaign: Customers appreciate that you've taken the time to curate relevant content that fits their changing needs and lifestyle (i.e., dynamic content).

More relevant content typically translates into customers taking a closer look at your company's products and services, especially if more personalized emails are sent at a time when customers have a need for what you're offering.

Personalized emails just get results - according to an Aberdeen Group study, personalized emails saw a boost in both click-through and conversion rates of 10% or more.

Other Email Marketing Strategies to Increase Customer Engagement

It's very worthwhile to think about how your users are accessing your emails in the planning and design stages of any email marketing campaign.

Knowing that, for instance, just over two-thirds of all emails are opened on a mobile device and half of all emails are opened via a Smartphone can lead to more intelligently designed calls to action (CTAs) and easier mobile functionality overall. (HubSpot)

If you want to get more mobile users to click-through to one of your links or follow through with a call to action, then your emails need to be mobile compatible. This typically means keeping the clickable options simple and avoiding landing pages that direct your customers to a lot of text or forms to complete, which is hard on a mobile device.

Aside from embracing personalization, dynamic content and mobile-compatible emails, sending a special offer to your loyal subscribers is an excellent thank-you gesture moving forward. 

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