BLAB takes B2B Marketing to a Whole New Live Streaming Video Level


Thanks to applications like Google Hangout and Skype, these tools have given us the ability to group video chat with loved ones, friends, and colleagues from around the world. However, let’s take video chat another step further.

Imagine for a second that Periscope and your favorite podcasts had a baby—where you could interact live with your favorite hosts as well as potentially become welcomed onto the show, giving your thoughts with the hosts on today’s topic. Well, if you’re saying to yourself this platform doesn’t exist, think again.

What’s Blab?

Blab is new, easy, fun, free, completely interactive and on 24/7. It’s a live video streaming app that allows you to host your own conversations or Blabs—welcoming people to view your content while you—as the host—have the ability of allowing them to be a guest and chime in on the topic of your Blab.

Making an account with Blab is easy. It connects with Twitter—pulling your profile and other relevant data onto your profile page. It even shows your Twitter followers—specifically those who have signed up to Blab as well as those who are following you based on the Blab(s) you created.

With Blab, there is a combination of up to four hosts that can be featured in Blab’s live-video chat forum, organized in “Brady Brunch” fashion, with an unlimited amount of viewers tuning in. Hosts of the Blabs have the most creative control—allowing them to accept or ignore guest invites as well as share their hosting powers by creating co-hosts.

Also, just like Periscope, Blab has a way of letting you know that your audience is enjoying your content. On a video tile in the right hand corner, you may see this familiar “two hands raised in praise” emoji 🙌 or as Blab calls it “feels”. This emoji symbolizes that you totally feel what that person is saying. When you "feel" someone, that person accumulates a larger number of "feels,"—giving new viewers a sense of the most popular person in the Blab. And especially if that person said something that you found worth sharing, and because Blab is linked to Twitter, you can share the past 30 seconds on Twitter easily with just the press of an orange button at the top left corner of the screen.

Finally if you miss a Blab that you were really looking forward to watching, don’t worry. Most hosts record their Blabs—allowing you to view a full replay of the event. These replays can be easily uploaded to video hosting sites like YouTube, embedded into a website, or you can use the replay link to share this great content with your colleagues.

Tips on How to Use Blab for Your Business

Create Content that Matters

But with all of these fun and innovative features, you may be wondering if Blab could work for businesses. Well, a huge tip with understanding and using Blab, just like any other social platform or piece of content you create, is creating content with authenticity and value. Blab is no place for PR-speak, because is a place for interactive conversations, not interactive billboards.

So don’t just pander your products or services. Choose a topic specific to your brand and create a Blab around it. For example, a topic for a website design company would be website redesign. So this business could then host a website assessment Blab called “Signs Your Website Needs A Redesign”—allowing potential customers to give them the URL to their website and having the business do a live critique.

Or possibly, hosting a mini conference series with thought leaders chiming in about topics in your industry. If musicians can host music collaborations from remote locations, with a person singing in one location while being accompanied by a musician in another, then the content possibilities for businesses are endless.


Keep It Consistent

The thing about Blabs is that because it is a 24/7 app, you can Blab anywhere, at anytime and for as long as you or your audience wants. However, it is more advantageous to plan out your Blabs ahead of time, which allows them to subscribe to your Blab in advance.

Subscribing will ensure your audience will get a notification when your show goes live as well as allowing you to know in advance who will be interested in your Blab content. Just remember that at whatever time you create your Blab—build consistency. If you post monthly at 2pm, for one hour and your audience knows this, continue that trend unless you tell them otherwise.

The great thing about Blab is that you can edit your scheduled times and your audience will be updated of the changes. Just don’t change too often. Building consistency equals building trust. So let your audience see the value in your content as well as the trust in your brand identity at the same time with consistency.

Practice Makes Progress

Blab is still in beta and works great with Chrome as well as iOs mobile devices. However, the possibility of Blab working on Android and other operating systems is still in the works. But that shouldn’t stop you from experimenting and experiencing for yourself the fun, addictive nature of Blab.

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