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HubSpot Keyword Tool

This keyword tool is a great resource to have and if you are a partner or customer with HubSpot, it’s free. The value that the HubSpot Keyword tool brings to the table is unmatched by any keyword tool I have seen. There are many features and ways to discover meaty, organic keyword queries that will increase your return on investment and improve your content marketing efforts.

Hubspot Keyword Tool

Some of my favorite features of  the HubSpot Keyword tool are the competitor options. Not only can you see where you rank, you can view side-by-side how your competitors rank (or don’t rank) in comparison to your own rankings for particular queries.

The HubSpot keyword tool also provides average monthly search statistics, difficulty estimates (how difficult it would be to to rank for a particular term), you current ranking position, and cost per click (CPC). It also shows which campaigns your keywords are attached to, and how many website visits and contacts you have received from that particular query.


This one is a Google Chrome extension that I use frequently throughout the day. If anyone knows how much memory Google Chrome uses in an average session, you may understand my dependency on this simple yet useful extension.

OneTab allows its users to simply click a button and all of the open tabs in the window are filed down to an easy-to-use hyperlinked outline of tabs, allowing you to recall any web page you visit by simply opening the one tab extension.

OneTab Google Chrome Plugin

OneTab makes it easy to track your open projects, pick up where you left off, find research you had to abandon, and stay on track with all of your content marketing projects.


BuzzSumo is an idea generation platform that makes it easy to find popular and quality content. This content search engine of sorts plays a big role in allowing an individual to see how articles and content topics are resonating with target communities. Buzzsumo

Whether I’m stuck for a blog topic, need reassurance that a topic is interesting, or, or am researching content offers and buyer personas, BuzzSumo is a frequently visited resource.

You may only need BuzzSumo to help create content topics, spur ideas, or validate your strategy; but you can also use it as a way to distribute content. Using BuzzSumo for its promotional benefits is a good idea for any company, product, or service struggling with content development, distribution, and community engagement.


Content marketing strategies must be well planned, researched, and developed with the community or customer in mind. It is important to have a clear and streamlined effort within your content production process. You can use Pinterest to gather and organize content references, and prioritize content topics on your own boards. You can also gauge the potential engagement of an original article topic by simply measuring the participation with a particular article or pin on Pinterest.


Pinterest has proven itself to be a productive way to search, gather, and organize content ideas.


Grammarly is a writing productivity platform used to improve writing skills, prevent embarrassment, and save you from a profusion of working files. The Grammarly platform has a very intuitive user interface and is established as the industry leading grammar and spell check tool.

There is a free version of the platform that is a bit more cumbersome but works just the same. Benefits for the premium version include sentence structure and writing style checks to improve your wording and vocabulary usage. It will also provide relevant corrections for specific types of documents.


Grammarly is a writing service that will quickly help you develop the skills necessary to become a successful content marketer.

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