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There are some pretty amazing ways you can use your rockstar videos and photos to build your brand. Create Instagramania! Instagram is releasing teasers that have led many to agree that something big is buzzing behind the scenes at Instagram.

For instance, their newest released feature upgrade to the Explore Page has given the #hashtag a whole new purpose for Instagram Business. The update has allowed for a longer lifespan for each social media promotion or post that is made. Instagram is slowly building momentum after being purchased by Facebook for around a billion dollars after everything was said and done in 2012.

Many thought their plan was to lay it to rest while Facebook was behind the scenes developing ‘Facebook Camera’.

Little did we know, they were just waiting for the right jump in the market to slowly release the power they have been sitting on since the buy-out.

Now you can hop over to the Instagram business blog anytime you are in need of social fuel. They have blogs covering topics including marketing with social media, social media strategies, social media engagement among others. The most recent trending topic reads:

Instagram is unlike any other platform in its singular focus on captivating imagery, giving brands an avenue for rich visual storytelling.

What's unique about your brand and how will you share it with the world?”

Thought provoking, Right?

If you want to be an early settler then now is your time to jump in and build your brand before the ramp-up of business on Instagram.

With more than 644 million websites published on the Internet, it is more difficult than ever to get your business noticed on social media by the people who have a need for you and your brand.

Passively creating interesting, but commonplace content is no longer enough to grab and hold potential customers' attention. While informative and well-written content is still a good starting point for a dynamic website, pairing your stellar content with high-end images and interactive design can give your web marketing the vitality it needs to attract new customers.

So, just what is interactive design and how can it create Instagramania? How can photography, video and high-end graphic design attract instagrammers who are looking for your brand?

Create the conversation:

Interactive design is a two-way conversation, not just you talking to your customers. One of the hallmarks of high-end interactive design is that users create their individual experience based on the choices they make on your site. Therefore, every user's experience is personal to them, allowing them to feel closer to, and more invested in, your company.

Become a subject matter expert:

Consumers are motivated by visual images. Given two similar products and companies, the site that has the interactive imagery is going to attract more interest than the one with plain text.

Like print advertising, the ad/website with the most visual appeal will be the most memorable.

Build a community:

Another benefit of high-end interactive design is that customers and potential customers are able to share their opinions of your product or service, giving you valuable marketing data and also giving your site users a feeling that this is "their" product and "their" company.

It is also likely that those who leave their information in a survey or poll or via comments on your site will share you valuable content with their friends, further expanding your marketing exposure.

Lay the groundwork for brand-centric marketing efforts on other channels:

When you encourage site visitors to share their thoughts, subscribe to your newsletter or take a quiz on your website, you also create (with their permission) a mailing and contact list that you can use for email marketing.

The more you reinforce your marketing message with your site visitors, the more likely they are to purchase from your business rather than just use your site for their research.

Become the innovative leader in subject matter expertise:

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, high-end interactive design creates a memorable, positive impression on your site visitors, one that will make them want to return again and again. If that game or that poll or that graphic on your site is fun, they'll want to come back and "play" again and again until your brand is part of their daily (or at least weekly) routine.

Pretty incredible. Go. Innovate. As always don’t forget to say hello on your social media channel of choice, we love them all the same.

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