Create Your Best Social Media Campaigns with Social Media Listening


You have your social media strategy down pat.

You know when to post. You know what social media channels you should focus on, which give you the most leads and engagement. You know how and when your audience engages with your content. And, most importantly, you know what social media campaigns hit and resonate the most with your followers.However, this knowledge doesn’t happen in one day. Learning to devise a social media strategy let alone an effective, engaging social media campaign may feel like a tiring process yielding little results. Yet, it doesn’t have to be.

With social media listening or social listening, you put yourself into the conversation by listening and analyzing your social presence in order to create effective campaigns for your audience. Social listening is a great tool for tracking your company’s brand identity. It also improves engagement tracking across social media platforms, seeing who’s talking about you or related topics in your industry—to better understand the audience that you haven’t attracted yet.

So achieve your next campaign goals by adopting these 3 know-hows of a social listening strategy the next time you get ready to post on social media.


Know the Social Media Landscape

Understanding today’s social media landscape is a great start to your strategy. By listening in on what is happening in social media, you'll learn about new and popular social trends as well as how to use these trends and apps effectively for your business. For example, with a live streaming app like Periscope, businesses can host live FAQ sessions about a new product launch directly to their audience.

However, a major thing to listen for is who is actually using social media. What platforms are people using the most? Which demographics have the most access to these platforms? What age groups are using certain platforms more than others?

Through social listening, you'll learn that 70% of adults use Facebook daily versus the 13% of adults who use LinkedIn daily. Or that, 24% of adults are on two social sites versus the 16% of adults who are on three of them. Learning these stats now will help you analyze as well as narrow down the best social media platforms for your company to use in the future. The more you learn from the social media landscape prior to launching a campaign, the better equipped you and your team will be when planning for said campaign as well as better prepared for social media engagement opportunities.


Know Your Brand Identity

Having full and complete knowledge of your brand is a MUST before you ever put out a single piece of content. A brand identity’s purpose is to not only boost company visibility and engagement. But ultimately, it’s purpose is to build and retain trust with your audience anytime your name or logo is mentioned.

Because your social media brand identity is equally important to your website’s brand identity, consistency is key when building trust. For instance, at McDonald’s, I know what to expect. It would be inconsistent branding if instead of getting a Big Mac, I got a Whopper, which is Burger King’s signature burger.

So whenever you post or engage with your audience, start by thoroughly knowing your brand identity. Socially listen to your analytics and see what posts are performing higher than most. That way, you are consistently producing content that your audience knows, expects and loves. Don’t confuse your audience by giving them Whoppers when you should be producing Big Macs. Know your brand and keep it consistent.


Know Your Audience

Getting a knowledgeable grasp on who your audience is will put your content in the hands of the right people, at their right time.

Start by answering the following questions. What are your demographics? What percentage of identified men and women look at your social media profiles? What content do they engage with the most? What are the most optimal times that your audience engages with your content? Is it during work hours, during the morning or evening commute or even the weekends?

Use these statistics from your current audience to start building your buyer personas. These are your ideal customers that your company targets through every single piece of your content you create either from your website, to a blog post or even a tweet. That way, you know who you are reaching out to every time you launch a new campaign or product.

But don’t just focus on the audience you already have. Use your analytics to establish the topics your company addresses the most. Then take your topics and look them up in any social media’s search bar. From there, you can see who is talking about these topics and what questions are being raised. This is a great way for your company, who may have or don’t have huge visibility, to start building engagement and trust with potential prospects. Spreading your positive engagement with brand across social media platforms.


Engagement is the foundation of relationship building. By actively “listening” for mentions or discussions, you can avoid missing out on the opportunity to delight customers or collect valuable feedback. So why not start building online relationships with your audience by getting them engaged with your trustworthy brand.

With these 3 know-hows, you'll understand your audience, master the social media landscape for your company’s benefit, and increase your brand's visibility through consistent content and audience engagement. Now, you can create a social media campaign that targets the audience you want, engages them, and increases your visibility across multiple platforms.

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