Creating a Digital Customer Experience with a Website Redesign Strategy that Works

create-digital-experience-with-website-redesign-process_1000x576.jpgIn today’s internet arena, companies are hungrily vying for attention in order to not only attract visitors onto their website but to also convert these visitors into buying their products. However, despite companies using their website to grab their visitor's attention, their digital strategy lacks purpose with their potential audience, because what the company has to offer is not what their audience wants.

So when creating a strong digital strategy, your focus should be on:

  • assessing your competition to see if you are adding to your industry by creating innovative and diverse content than your competitors
  • addressing what your consumers want by creating content that creates a conversation with them and addresses their pain points as well as provides solutions
  • and assessing what your business wants by creating goals and objectives that you look to achieve for your growth

Your competitors’ performance and what your consumers and your business want is all determined by research. Without thorough research, you are loosing the key foundational factors that turns a website into a lead generating, nurturing and converting machine.

Ultimately, the goal of your digital strategy is to make sure that your website is getting the attention it deserves while providing quality to your users. And getting the right attention and creating quality content starts with an in depth digital experience strategy. By focusing on the meat of the strategy building process, i.e. the research, you will be equipped with a detailed report that will benefit your next website redesign and beyond.Research is the first and most important step to your digital strategy. Your research creates the foundation for not only your website but it is the framework for all of your content. Meaning, your research must be thorough in order to show the positive growth generated from your marketing endeavors.

At Direct Images Interactive, we start every initial project with an in-depth inbound marketing report. This report not only analyzes your company’s performance but also your competitors. It also provides a game plan with actionable goals and researched based recommendations to get you started towards success. Here’s an overview of our process recommended to establish your digital strategy and build a website that’s guaranteed for your lead generating success.

SWOT Analysis

Your company’s SWOT analysis is a breakdown of your strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats i.e. SWOT. With SWOT, you’re appreciative of your strengths, mindful of your weaknesses, engage in your opportunities and equipped to handle the threats. Because these four, your company will fully know its history in order to effectively plan for the future ahead.

Buyer Persona Profiles

A buyer persona represents your fictionalized ideal customer that you are aiming to reach.

For instance, utilize the following questions when developing your buyer personas:

  1. What role does this person play in life?
  2. What's their age?
  3. What are their likes and dislikes?
  4. Where do they work?
  5. Whom do they work for?
  6. What are their ideal goals?
  7. What are their personal goals?
  8. What are their work assigned goals?
  9. What challenges do they face day in and day out?
  10. How do they get their information?
  11. What channels do they use?
  12. What is their education level?
  13. Which demographic niche do they belong to?
  14. What could be important in their consumer process?

However, just because these are fictionalized people, your profiles NEED to be based on real data. So don’t make assumptions when it comes to your buyer personas. Because creating detailed buyer persona profiles, you’re creating the framework for your content strategist and your web designer to establish your tone, voice and style guide in your brand identity early on.

Competitor Analysis

Implementing your report with competitor analysis allows you to observe current inbound marketing activities, keyword rankings and evaluations as well as an in depth social media analysis. With this analysis, you can compare and contrast effective inbound marketing, keyword and social media strategies and use them as potential policies that will benefit your company’s needs and goals. Just remember to utilize this analysis to "keep an eye on the competition but don’t obsess over them” (Dharmesh Shah).

Inbound Marketing Game Plan

Lastly, your report will include an inbound marketing game plan that:

  • incorporates the inbound marketing methodology into your company’s brand identity, including actionable recommendations on how to attract visitors, generate leads, encourage engagement, boost organic visibility and close customers with lead nurturing
  • defines Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Relevant and Time-bound (SMART) goals
  • and improves your performance with compelling analytics to make sure your marketing strategies are strengthening your success

If you are looking to create a digital experience for your users, let DII help you reach your goals and improve your performance by incorporating our inbound marketing report strategy for your business today.

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