Does the Type of Website Matter to the Success of Your Marketing Mix?


Does your website have a purpose? Has your inbound marketing website become a muddled mess? Before you embark upon a website redesign, you should understand what your website's purpose is, how your users interact with your website, and how your website can help boost success for your business. Let's explore.

The first step to establishing a process for a website redesign is to define and elaborate on exactly how your website will be used and viewed by your business, your audience, your customers, and of course, Google. There are a few different types of websites you can have, and your goals will vary depending on which type of site you have.

A personal website is a way to establish your personal brand. Most often these websites will have minimal upkeep, feature a portfolio and service offerings, and maintain a level of individual professionalism. Personal websites are a great way for an individual to leverage digital marketing and position themselves as a thought leader within their industry.

A photo or media sharing website is just that, a place to share photos and other forms of interactive media. Sites like these are popping up all over the place. It is a good way for creative minds to display their motivations, past works, and build a community around their content offerings. Great examples of these types of websites are Flicker, Photobucket, and Instagram.

A writer's website or publishing platform can be a great tool for authors and thought leaders alike. These type of websites allow for an individual content creator to publish and distribute value-added content to better serve their audience. A writer's website also provides a place to build community, relate with their audience, and keep in contact with their most valuable readers.

A community building website, much like any other website, is focused on website traffic generation. Community building websites are different because they mainly focus on lead generation and content distribution. These websites have a high volume of content published on a monthly, weekly, and even daily basis. The goal with community building websites is two-fold—listening to your current audience to provide the most valuable and informative content, and creating said content to achieve the best possible organic search results.

A mobile friendly website is a site that is built with the understanding of responsive website design. These websites exhibit the same content in a form that will best suit the visitor's device of choice. A mobile friendly website is recommended for any person, company, or organization that is looking to increase website traffic through organic search results, and provide an industry leading user experience.

A business blog website can be its own website or a location within your current website. This particular type of website is a great way to produce content on an ‘owned platform’, meaning you are not renting or leasing your audience from a social media platform, or other community. It's actually yours.

An online business website is the granddaddy of them all and usually will have a few of the website characteristics incorporated into its design, particularly mobile friendliness, a business blog site, and a community building website.

An eCommerce website is a website equipped with a shopping cart, products, and method of paying for said products or services. A great example of an eCommerce website is:

All websites are built to share and spread a thought, story, or idea. The manner in which you tell your story should depend on what you expect to get out of your website, your visitors, and your business. Knowing what type of website you want to have is highly dependent on what you want to achieve with it.

There is an exact science to redesigning your website for better brand positioning and better organic search results

Remember that your website is going to be the hardest working asset on your team. Identify its purpose and begin developing your website content. Establish a plan to fluidly attract, convert, close and delight your website’s visitors 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with the proper type of website in your next redesign.

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