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email-marketing-tips-that-gets-clicks_1000x576.jpgEmail marketing is successfully used and extremely recommended for its simplicity, cost efficiency, and its outstanding return on investment for companies of all sizes and varieties.

And there's arguably no better way to deliver targeted messages to different members in your audience than email marketing campaigns—developing brand awareness as well as increasing your message’s shareability at the same time.

Social media marketing certainly comes close, but when it comes to targeted distinctions, measurability, analytics and cost efficiency, email marketing is truly in a league of its own.

However, the "secret" to email marketing is achieving high clicks and open rates among your customers. So if you’re struggling to “get the clicks”, let’s review five simple tips that you can incorporate into your email strategy—increasing your clicks and open rates to reach your marketing goals.

Prioritize and Segment to Your Right Audience

Your email marketing is only as good as the research that supports your emails. With that being said, your research should be based on your audience’s activity.

Segmenting and prioritizing the most relevant campaign to particular subscribers is a surefire way to drive your open rates, exposure, and overall sales.

So if you are sending generic messages to your audience instead of personalized, relevant messages, allow these stats to inspire you to make the switch from generic to relevant in your email marketing strategy:

Check the Bounce Rate

Marketing metrics and analytics mean that—if for whatever reason—you're not achieving the kinds of results from your email marketing campaign that you'd like, you'll have a very informed idea of what to alter in order to start producing again.

If you're looking to get more general clicks and ultimately bolster your click-through rates, then you want to first check out your bounce rate and email delivery rates.

Now, when it comes to your email marketing campaign's bounce rate, you want to differentiate between soft and hard bounces—in which they’re very different and have different needs and solutions.

Soft Vs. Hard Bounces

In short, a soft bounce rate is potentially less worrisome. Meaning, that you delivered it to a valid email address to someone on your email list.

So when you receive a lot of soft bounces, it’s indicating that there's a problem with multiple recipients' email address e.g., a downed server or overflowing inbox.

However, hard bounces actually go hand in hand with less-than-satisfying delivery, open, sharing and forwarding rates. Meaning, your intended recipient switched, closed or provided a garbage email address to your company.

Ultimately, hard bounces = permanent delivery failures and soft bounces = temporary deliverability failures. In order to resolve them, delete the email addresses of hard bounces and keep an eye out for soft bounces. If email addresses keep soft bouncing over time, then it’s best to just delete them.

Analyze Your Click-Through Rate

Marketing agencies often hone in on the click-through rate because it's very useful for conducting A/B tests and showing how thoroughly your audience engages with your content.

A high click-through rate is important because it means that your audience is clicking on potentially multiple links—bolstering your conversion and lead generation rates. However, the opposite occurs with a low click-through rate—implicating poor quality links.

Striving for high click-through rates indicates that your content is intriguing enough to be shared, forwarded and talked about—increasing your email marketing campaign's reach and your overall brand awareness. And to give your click-through rates an extra boost, try adding a social sharing option or creating a sense of urgency in your emails i.e., “Don’t miss out on this offer”, “Buy Now”, etc.

Send the Right Amount of Emails

Sending too few emails to your subscribers, might make them lose interest into your brand. However, if you send too many emails, they will most certainly get annoyed with your content and ultimately label your emails as spam—especially when 45.8% flag companies as spam because they emailed too often.

Finding the right balance of how often you should send emails depends heavily on the needs of your company and your audience. In other words, you don't want to overwhelm your audience, but you want to ensure that your open rates are high as well, which is where analytics comes into play.

Even though 39% of marketers email 2-3 times a month and open rate is highest when companies send two emails per month, decide the right amount of emails to send per month for your business—which will equalize your click and open rates as well as facilitate more audience engagement with your content.

Optimize Your Emails for Mobile First

With rise of smartphones and other mobile devices, about 53% of emails are opened on mobile devices. To make it more personal, just think that over half of your current email list is opening your emails on their mobile devices. Meaning, that if you haven’t optimized your emails for mobile, you’re affecting half of your audience.

The biggest realization about mobile users is that they are turned off by emails not well formatted for mobile phones as well as 69% of mobile users delete emails that aren't optimized for mobile.

So if you want to get more mobile users to click, then you need to join the 11% of emails that are optimized for mobile—making it a top priority in your next email marketing strategy.

Ultimately, you want high email delivery rates, low bounce rates, and healthy email sharing and forwarding rates—satisfying ROI due to the enthusiasm and loyalty of your audience. But, these rates don’t come easy. You have to put in the work to make sure you are effectively reaching and nurturing your entire list in order to get those clicks.

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