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The power and reach of your brand are arguably the two most important facets of your brand. Your brand's power is essentially the amount of sway that your brand has with customers when it comes time to make a purchase: Your brand has more "power" when customers strongly prefer your products and services over a competitor's.

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Why You Need Brand Power and Brand Reach

If we can think of brand power as the quality of your brand's appeal, then your brand's reach represents the quantity of your appeal.

That's because brand reach refers to the amount of people who are familiar with your brand; therefore, brand reach is very similar to the concept of brand awareness, or the likelihood that consumers will instantly recognize your products.

You obviously need both more brand power and a broader brand reach in order to stick around in customers' minds and engage new markets.

In other words, brand power without brand reach would mean that you forcefully reached only a small number of customers whereas high brand reach and low brand power would mean that you reached a lot of people, but the connection between those people and your brand wasn't all that strong.

How Inbound Marketing and Interactivity can Help

Inbound marketing can extend your brand's power and its reach since inbound marketing tactics (blogs, email marketing, video marketing, marketing automation, social media marketing, and search engine optimization) have been shown to significantly enhance your lead generation, nurturing and management efforts.

That probably explains why three-forths of marketers around the world are prioritizing an inbound marketing approach to marketing. Most inbound marketers are very smart people and they go predominately by marketing results; that's why more and more companies are siding with inbound over outbound marketing.

Inbound marketing provides superior ROI across a range of key performance indicators regardless of company size, industry or where your target market is located.

Inbound marketing almost inherently has lower rates of customer acquisition and higher ROI compared to outboard since inbound marketing uses engaging content marketing (e.g., interactive videos, blogs, and e-Books) to increase your company's brand power and brand reach.

That said, you'll still be creating increasingly targeted top, middle and bottom-of-the-funnel content to appeal to customers at different phases of the sales funnel, but you'll also be creating engaging, interactive content engineered to appeal to large numbers of people, and thus inspire greater brand reach.

Interactive Video: Increasing Your Appeal and Reach

Obviously the temptation for many marketers is to jump ahead and look at sales revenue as the tell-tale metric of marketing success. While there's definitely some appeal (and truth) behind that approach, that's more of an end rather than the means by which you create more customer engagement and strengthen your general appeal.

If 2015 and early 2016 are any indication, which we believe they are, then the way to reach more potential customers is by embracing visual content marketing. More branded videos were watched on Facebook and YouTube by mobile customers than other other time in history over this past year, and that trend is only going to continue.

An even more potent visual content marketing cocktail adds interactive video to the mix since interactive video has been shown to enhance view times, time spent on your website, and engagement compared to non-interactive video content.

Interactive video also works with the rest of your content marketing since you can add embedded annotations to your videos to link out to blog content and direct traffic to your website and social media feed.

Interactive videos create a more seamless viewing experience that still allows you to entertain and educate your customers. Going interactive works in both B2C and B2B marketing contexts, strengthens the connection you have with your customers and even gives you the chance to collect nuanced data on your viewer's preferences and behaviors.

The metrics provided from interactive video can tell you the types of content that produce longer, repeat viewings - thus creating a virtuous cycle in which you can create even more immersive interactive video content in the future.

Social Media and Email Marketing for Broader Appeal

A discussion of brand reach would definitely be incomplete without touching on the benefits of social media and email (drip) marketing. Both of these potent inbound marketing tools can help you tap new markets and collect better data on the types of content that people prefer.

Further, social media marketing drives engagement, sharing, and a larger social media following. At the same time email marketing drives traffic to your website by allying with intelligent segmentation and relevant content for each recipient. Even better, you can include interactive videos in both your social media and email marketing campaigns for more engagement and brand reach. Learn how to get started today.

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