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faq-friday-corporate-video-marketing_1000x576.jpgCorporate videos are one of the most efficient ways to engage visitors and set your brand apart in today's world of text-heavy media. With more than 100 million Internet viewers watching online videos each day, each one minute video is equivalent to a staggering 1.8 million words. Although corporate videos are one of the most proven marketing tools, many people still have questions regarding the best way to execute the process. Read on to learn some answers to some of the top corporate video FAQs.

What type of content should be in the corporate video?


Since not every corporate video will serve the same purpose, they all shouldn't be the same. Some videos may be designed to get new employees while others may be designed to attract new customers. Some videos will be designed to increase brand awareness while others may strive to promote or sell a product. As a result, it's vital for you to consider what your brand has to offer and how it can be featured in the video. For instance:
  • Customer testimonials are excellent ways to show off your customer service and promote products. These corporate videos are also great at demonstrating the value of your brand.
  • Product overview videos are best for assisting prospective customers to make informed decisions and to show more about a product.
  • Employee testimonials are ideal for attracting and recruiting new hires.
  • "How to" videos are excellent for demonstrating your value within the field and showcasing your thought leadership.

How do I tell stories through corporate videos?


Simply put, not all common video stories are created equally. Some stories are funnier, some have more emotional pull, and some are just more action packed. Since your video takes time and money, there's no reason to waste your valuable resources on poorly made or poorly planned videos. When you plan your video, consider all of the different stories you can tell. Then choose the strongest stories that support your mission the most. The goal is to make a corporate video through storytelling designed to connect, entertain, and engage your audience. One great way to get started is to talk to your team and brainstorm on how to turn all of those wonderful experiences into short, sweet, and compelling videos.

Does it have to be a professional video?


Although no one expects a Hollywood production, your corporate video shouldn't look as if it was created with an iPhone. If you want your video to have the impact, it's vital you invest in it just as you would with any other company initiative. The best way to guarantee this level of professionalism is by hiring a professional. Check out a few different websites for various companies and review their ideas. Many video production companies will do everything from concept to post-production. However, if you want to work on the concept in-house, you can use the video company for production and post-production. In any case, it's important you find a company that works for you and with you.

How do I get the video out to the world?


Your corporate video isn't complete until an audience sees it. It's vital to avoid getting so caught up in production and post-production that you forget to market and distribute the video. One of the best ways to do this is through YouTube. In addition to being the most popular video hosting site, YouTube is also the second most popular search engine in the world behind Google. Best of all, YouTube search engine results will show up on Google. However, it's up to you to include keyword rich descriptions and metadata. By including this information, you will ensure your video shows up in a user's relevant search. You can also use social media as excellent ways to spread the word about your video.


Where should I get started with my video?

When it comes to your video, your script and storyboard are your plans. The script and storyboard serves as a complete blueprint for the production and editing of the video. It will describe all visual and audio elements similar to the same way an architect's plans will explain the details of the building. Whether you do it yourself or hire a scriptwriter and a storyboard artist, it's vital to nail them down and determine what and how your message will be conveyed.


How Long Should the Video Be?

Your script and storyboard will also determine the length of your video. In any case, the shorter, the better, so it's best to keep the video between 5 to 8 minutes. Similar to a commercial on TV, your video should be compelling, concise, and clear. If you have more detailed information to provide audiences, give to them on a fact sheet that can be printed.

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