FAQ Friday: Effective Website Marketing Strategy

faq-friday-effective-website-marketing-strategy_1000x576.jpgMobile advertising and mobile marketing are especially important for increasing your website's visibility in this brave new world of Smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. That's what website marketing is all about: Remaining flexible and bringing greater value to your customers.

What is website marketing and how can it improve my sales and online visibility? 

Website marketing, also known as internet marketing, are all of your marketing and advertising efforts that go into driving your sales and e-commerce through increasing your brand reach and online visibility.

Because website marketing includes such diverse internet marketing tactics as web marketing, search engine optimization, email marketing and social media marketing, by adopting the principles of internet marketing into your marketing stable you're virtually guaranteed more exposure and higher sales. (SmallBusiness)

Instead of taking a mass marketing approach, website marketing uses a more personalized yet economical tack to reach out to customers and build industry relationships. 

Web marketing, for instance, is a subset of internet marketing that draws upon affiliate marketing, search engine marketing, and local SEO to accommodate on-the-go customers who use their smartphones to research local businesses more thoroughly.

Email Marketing. 

A comprehensive website marketing campaign also needs to include email marketing and social media marketing to reach out and engage your subscribers and followers. Email marketing allows you to reach out to more people, track sales more efficiently, and reduce overhead by relying on more targeted content marketing and streamlined buyer personas. 

Social Media Marketing. 

Social media marketing is also important for tapping new markets, and according to recent research, over 85% of small businesses say that social media helps their businesses improve their outreach and sales.

For small and established businesses alike, social media marketing can help ignite your internet marketing efforts; you can expect, on average, over 50 times more reach when your social posts are syndicated by your channel partners as well. 


Where does search engine optimization come in and how can that help my business? 

A comprehensive website marketing strategy would also have to include search engine optimization in order to eke the most mileage out of a well-designed e-commerce platform and business website.

A website marketing strategy that includes search engine optimization seeks to make websites moreinformative, faster, authoritative and user-centric. These are essentially the four things that will get your website page-one status on major search engines and put you in closer contact with your customers. 

Just for clarity's sake, search engine optimization is a fancy term that basically means that you're trying to maximize the number of visitors and organic traffic to your website by making sure that your website appears high on the list (preferably page-one status) on major search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing. 

Clear titles and descriptions will make your content easier for users to navigate and should improve your website's visibility. Ensuring that all of your web pages load properly on a host of mobile devices (i.e., cross-device compatibility) should ensure a smoother user experience, more convenient e-commerce checkouts, better SEO rankings, and higher overall visibility for your business website. 

Lower Bounce Rates, High Time-on-Page Scores. 

There are actual metrics that you can look at to determine, for instance, the user-friendliness of your existing or freshly minted website. Two extremely helpful website statistics that can make or mar your search engine optimization and, by extension, website visibility are your website's bounce rate and time-on-page score.

Your bounce rate is basically the number of single-page website sessions that customers log. In layman's terms, a high bounce rate basically means that your customers aren't making it far, or at all, off the entrance page that brought them to your site.

There can actually be a number of reasons for a higher-than-average bounce rate, including navigation problems, single-page websites, usability issues, lack of SEO, or loading problems. 

You actually want a low bounce rate as this indicates that your potential customers are spending more time on your website. In general, there's a pretty linear relationship between your bounce rate and time-on-page score since a low bounce rate probably means that your website's visitors are interacting with (and beyond) their website entrance page and checking out your products and services as well as your blog. 

The bounce rate and time-on-page scores for your website are important metrics in their own right, but they're essential when you realize that these two metrics act as bellwethers for your website's usability, convenience, SEO success, and the ease with which customers can make instant e-commerce purchases from mobile devices. 

Are there additional benefits to embracing online advertising in terms of increased sales and website visibility? 

There absolutely are. Online advertising encompasses search engine marketing, display advertising, social media marketing, web banner advertising, and the increasingly popular marketing field of mobile advertising. 


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