FAQ Friday: How Much Does Online Video Cost?

faq-friday-video-production_1000x576.jpgHow much does a marketing video cost?

The primary factors influencing marketing video costs:

What is the degree of producing required?

How long will each video be, and how many videos will you need?

Will you be planning the production or did you need creative insight, development and someone to oversee the project from beginning to end?

These are all question that you may not have answers to yet, but if you would like help deciphering strategy, production, and the cost of video marketing you can contact us with any and all concerns you may have. We are here to make you look good.

How do I get started with video marketing?

So you have made the decision to use video for inbound marketing purposes. All of your countless hours of research have guided you down the video marketing path. At this point, you might know all about the video, its importance to a successful marketing mix and business building, but may not know how to get started with video marketing. Don’t worry you are not alone. Many people who want to use video simply don’t understand how to ease into video marketing or if they should approach video marketing with gusto.

Often times businesses get so caught up in the planning they miss deadlines or are unable to finish projects. That is where a full-service video production company can help. From idea to finished product, with or without your collaboration a video producer can get the project completed in a timely manner. After all, it is what we do. Having a production company that specializes in corporate video, product videos, and another business marketing is not only beneficial but necessary to create an engaging, brand building, storytelling experience. If you need help planning, producing, or managing your next video  marketing campaign contact us for a free 20-minute marketing and video production consultation.

How can I integrate video into marketing campaigns?

There are many ways to incorporate video into marketing efforts. For instance, some of the companies we work with develop videos for social engagement, brand awareness, and lead generation. Some of our clients use video for product releases, in-store demos, and unboxing instructions. If you are not sure how your company would best benefit from video follow these best practices below. If you have questions please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Start your video marketing campaigns now: Video is number one source of consumer media both on desktop computers and mobile devices. The average adult consumes 5.5 hours of video per day. It is never too late to begin creating compelling content, but the cost of inaction can be irrefutable.

Establish a set of goals for each video marketing campaign: Before you jump into producing a video, it is important to establish solid reasons for producing a marketing video in the first place. We like to establish SMART goal for any marketing campaign, it helps the look and feel of the production as well at the style and tone. Setting a goal for your videos will also provide a more fluid process for tracking and managing your performance and overall video marketing strategy.

Publish online video regularly: Just like with other forms of content like blogs or podcasts and even social media, having a regularly scheduled release date is important. Creating a consistent publishing schedule will allow your audience to plan ahead, and begin to build a routine around your content.

Remain authentic to your brand and buyer personas: With video marketing campaigns, it is easy to get off-track to chase a fire or to try to leverage a trend that is hot right now. It is not a good idea to chase these shiny objects as it may skew the message of your brand. Being authentic in your online videos allows your audience to trust your brand.

Hire a professional video production company: If you have not produced a video before, it may be a good idea to bring a professional video production company on board. This doesn’t have to be a forever decision. The cost of video production and the cost of video editing may seem high for some smaller businesses, but what is the cost of not having the advantage of video within your marketing mix? The video has proven higher return on investment for businesses across the world.

Visual storytelling in a corporate environment can seem near impossible, but with a bit of assistance from a production company that specializes in brand storytelling, you will be well on your way to clear and concise calls to action and videos that help you stand out in the crowd.

Is video important for social media success?

The video is becoming more and more crucial to brand success as the digital now continues to innovate. Video on social media is at the cutting edge of establishing brand awareness and creating community engagement. The video is important to the success of marketing overall, and if social media is an outlet of you marketing initiatives—video is important to social media success.

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