FAQ Friday: Inbound Product Marketing & Product Management

faq-friday-inbound-product-marketing-management_1000x576.jpgExplore ways to communicate the inbound methodology with your product managers and brand managers. Learn how to integrate inbound marketing into your product marketing mix. We will cover all of this with this edition of FAQ Friday: Inbound Product Marketing & Product Management. Lets get started with the roles each member of the team should play within your organization

How are the roles of brand managers, product managers, and product marketers similar (and different) from each other? 

When you realize that the organizational role of product manager is itself a historical outcropping of the brand manager position, then it becomes obvious how interconnected product management, brand management, and marketing really are. 

Brand Management -

Brand managers were originally, and still are, tasked with creating an indelible impression among potential, returning, and future customers.

They did this by improving the product sales of the companies that they worked for and by increasing the overall market share of their businesses.

The role of the brand manager has a pretty large professional scope since brand managers have to factor in how near-term market trends should align with future advertising and marketing efforts. 

Product Management and Product Marketing -

Product management developed from brand management, and today's product management is no less complicated thanks to longer product lifecycles and newer forms of digital marketing.

Product managers traditionally oversee both product development - the business and engineering task of bringing a fresh product to market - and product marketing - promoting and selling a product to consumers through advertising and various forms of online content marketing. (LinkedIn Pulse)

When you stop to really think about it, though, today's product managers and product marketers really have complementary responsibilities. It wouldn't be any good to have a great product that few people knew about - i.e., good product management but poor product marketing—and the alternative would generate equally wanting results. 

It's often been said that, even though the roles of product managers and product marketers are similar, the product manager communicates the necessity and timeline of a product to engineers whereas product marketers convey the importance of a product to the marketplace (i.e., your customers). 

Can inbound marketing empower my product marketing and product management? 

Once the product managers and engineers get the ball rolling, the crux of inbound product marketing clearly falls more squarely on the product marketer's shoulders. It's the product marketers job to overseeing that product's journey into the marketplace and the product's adoption by receptive audiences around the country. 

A product marketer takes an all-hands-on-deck approach to sales and marketing since it's the product marketers job to give both teams the necessary knowledge to get across the merits of your product line to customers. Product marketers also ensure that presentations, content marketing materials, and an updated website reflect the gains that engineers and product managers have fought so hard to produce. 

Inbound Marketing for Demand Generation -

As you've probably already guessed by now, inbound marketing can definitely supercharge your product marketing since the former can be used to market your whole product line throughout its product lifecycle.

Inbound marketing has been the world champion of demand generation—or the process of creating an awareness and interest in your product lineup among a targeted marketing population—for at least the last decade. 

This inbound marketing know-how is especially handy when inbound product marketers embark on product launches. One of the most popular ways that product marketers drum up interest with vendors and distributors, as well as drive brand awareness and demand generation among customers, is by creating a website, social media channel and inbound content marketing strategy aimed at increasing brand awareness and greater consumer interest. (HubSpot)

When you create a website, make sure that you blend professional, middle-of-the-funnel information-rich content so that distributors can look over the details. In the interests of creating more consumer demand, though, you also need an SEO-friendly blog designed around trending keywords and more top-of-the-funnel content.

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