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As more businesses enter the world of content marketing, one thing is becoming clear: The first question most of these businesses ask is “How do I effectively manage the content marketing process?” Content marketing management is a layered process. You have to create and distribute relevant informative information on a regular basis. Content needs to be researched and written, distributed, and engaged with by both consumers and your staff. The results then need to be analyzed and further refined based on your analysis and your customers informational needs.

In today’s FAQ Friday we’ll answer some common questions on how to address content marketing management.

We manage all of our content marketing by “hand”? Is there a solution that can centralize our efforts?

If you’re relying on email conversations with creators to track your content marketing efforts, or IT to update your website you need to make a change. Standardizing and centralizing your content process can be made much easier with any one of the thousands of content management systems available.
Technology has given us the ability to create editorial calendars, content development ideas, and collaborate online. Putting in a software management solution is easy and doesn’t have to cost a fortune. In fact WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla are all free open source content management systems that can help you to get started.


What is a Content Management System? (CMS)

It’s a software system that’s used to create, manage, and distribute or publish information directly on your website that requires no technical knowledge or programming skills. A CMS is a website platform consisting of two distinct modules; a content management application (CMA) and a content delivery application (CDA).
A CMA allows you to manage the creation, editing and removal of content from your website without needing any knowledge of HTML
The CDA allows you to manage and distribute content through a permission-based log-in model ensuring that the website design and structure are not altered.


Do I really need a website platform CMS?

Whether you create and publish your own information, or have lots of information and multiple people creating and editing that content, a CMS can help you make your process easier and more efficient.
CMS website platforms allow you the flexibility to manage and create lots of web content quickly. It also allows you to, with permissions, restrict who can view or edit your content. Informational web pages, blogs, intranets, and commercial online stores can benefit from a CMS. This is especially true if you use your website as a tool to inform users about your business and want to constantly update your information.


Will a CMS increase traffic to my website?

This is a common FAQ and the answer is a bit complicated! Directly, no. A CMS will help you primarily to organize create and distribute information. Indirectly, a good CMS will also offer SEO keyword research and analytics capability. Two that come to mind are Google’s CMS tools, and Hubspot.
Researching and basing content around relevant keywords can help to make your site easier to find using organic search. It will help you to drive traffic to your website. HubSpot’s CMS includes tools to help you research and choose relevant keywords for your business increasing the possibility you’ll get “found” online.
By examining your analytics, you can begin to determine what content is producing results like traffic and conversions. This can help you to narrow your content creation to topics and information that is relevant to your readers, which will work to increase traffic, conversions, leads, and sales.


What does a CMS cost?

The price can vary widely. A number of great CMS programs are free and utilize open source code. Others can cost hundreds of dollars depending on the number of users and level of service you require. HubSpot offers a comprehensive content marketing management program incorporating creation, distribution, research, and analytics modules into a single platform.

Creating, distributing, analyzing, and refining content can be time-consuming and confusing. Rather than randomly creating and publishing information, using a content marketing management program can streamline the process, facilitate collaboration, and help you to refine your approach to content marketing.

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