FAQ Friday: Using Encore Content on Twitter

Posted by Mathilde Heinemann Sep 25, 2015


If you haven’t heard of encore content, don’t worry - it’s just what it sounds like: content that you have originated but that was published previously. You may have heard it called ‘repurposed content’ or ‘legacy content’ as well. What’s the purpose of posting encore content? Well, the goal is the same as your other social posts, with the added benefit that it already exists, and all you need to get it out in front of your audience, is a little bit of strategizing, scheduling, and finessing.

What content is a good candidate for repurposing?

Content that:

has performed well in the past

is generating a large amount of engagement and/or buzz

is experiencing a resurgence in relevance

relates to your current campaign

is related to a current event or offer

Using these guidelines will keep your legacy content from feeling forced, completely out of left field, or spammy.

To maximize effectiveness, use a couple of hashtags (preferably, different ones than you used the first time around) related to the topic, the trend, or your industry. It’s always good to @mention authors and contributors, but don’t feel the need to tag them every single time (especially if you already have in the past) - you don’t want to annoy them make them feel spammed.

When and how often should encore content be published?

Another great thing about legacy content is it’s super efficient to schedule. You don’t have to wait for it to be created, you can schedule it right now, weeks or months ahead, and move on with your life. Work encore content into your existing posting schedule, or even better - add it on to your existing strategy to increase your online presence. Take into consideration how much content you have at your fingertips, and the rate at which your business produces new content. You don’t want to schedule legacy content to be posted every day if you only have 6 content pieces, and only produce new content once a month -- make sense? To explain it another way, you should have a proportion of 80/20 between original content and content that is originated externally. Of the 80 percent original content, at minimum 30% of content should be new content, and no more than 50% of your overall posts should be encore content. This insight may vary but has proven efficient for most industries.

How can I most efficiently schedule content?

If you’re a HubSpot user, I highly recommend installing the HubSpot browser extension. You can use it to post straight from the content you’re reading. Just click the extension button, pick the day and time you want your content to go out, add some insightful copy, and voila! Your post is ready to roll. Adding a post for an additional social platform is as easy as another click - it will auto-populate the image you’ve chosen, and the copy you’ve written, just make any necessary tweaks and that post is ready to go, as well.

What comprises a great encore content strategy that will help generate leads and foster engagement? Well, we all know you can’t do the same thing and expect a different result. So, you’re going to need to switch up your presentation of your encore content. Ask a new question, quote new states, or @mention a contributor or author.

What indicates that your legacy content was a success?

Success can come in a lot of forms, but content that is successful tends to create:

  • more interaction

  • a better picture of what resonates with your audience

  • more website traffic

  • brand awareness

  • social community engagement

  • wider social reach

Keep an eye on these metrics, and see if your content is doing what you want it to do. If you’re not seeing the results you hoped for with your encore content, try some minor tweaks or a/b testing. Switch up your timing, frequency, and/or content topics, and see how your audience responds. Be sure to keep a record of this information, so you can use it to inform your future strategy planning.

Now, that doesn’t seem so scary, does it? It may take some analysis and tweaking, but encore content can give your business a considerable boost in engagement, traffic, or lead generation. Go forth and repurpose some content!

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