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Video marketing is a must-have strategy for anyone competing in the digital space. But using video for your business goes beyond a simple upload to YouTube. We tackle some of the most pressing VM questions in this week’s edition of FAQ Friday.

New Call-to-actionVideo marketing provides businesses with a way to engage their users in a genuine and personal way. Companies often struggle with cultivating an authentic relationship with their users online. In an age of faceless, automated interactions, video allows a company to appear more genuine, and more trustworthy. Building a brand and creating an online presence can be a daunting task, but video bridges the gap between the two and welcomes interaction between company and customer.

What are the two biggest benefits of video marketing? Brand Awareness and SEO.

We all know that producing high quality video content gives you a dramatic edge over competitors who don’t include video in their marketing plan. After all, a staggering 90% of users say that watching a product video is helpful when making a purchasing decision. Both B2C and B2B companies can increase the likelihood of closing deals by being helpful to their prospective clients. Branded video experiences further engage and elicit positive responses from your audience. In the best-case scenario, these positive experiences will turn normal viewers into evangelists who are loyal to your brand and even share it with their own peers.

Publishing these branded video experiences across multiple devices and channels broadens the range of your online presence and increases the chances of high viewership/social sharing/etc. By using an Online Video Platform like Brightcove, you can organize, tag, and customize your videos to ensure consistent messaging. What’s more, publishing content on that single platform can be spread across various channels. The more diverse the channels, the more likely you’ll attract the right customers by finding them on their preferred platform. OVPs can take a single video from desktop to mobile, on social media, and even on Apple TV and Roku! There is a lot of information out on how to create an exciting video marketing plan.


Although video is a visual medium, you can still take steps to optimize your video for SEO. The most straightforward way to do this is to transcribe all your videos. Search engines can parse through content, but transcribing your videos ensures you’re getting the most SEO bang for your buck. You want to engage your audience any way you can. Including videos within blog posts is a great way to use the keywords from your video in the text portion of the content. This gives you more control over your SEO strategy.

As Rand Fishkin suggests, a blog with a video gives your users more options for gathering the information. Some users are completely content with the video and will never scroll down for the text content, whereas others like a more non-linear approach, scanning ahead in the text as they listen to the video play. While you might assume most audience members prefer video, different types of learners will prefer different options and it’s best to cater to both.

Is YouTube the best OVP?

Uploading videos exclusively to YouTube is like owning a fishing trawler but only using 1 rod. The bigger net you cast, the more fish you’ll catch! We have had clients in the past who understand the need for video, but don’t know the right channels and best practices to truly have it work for them. After all, at the end of the day, you are trying to prove ROI, and YouTube is simply not robust enough as a marketing analytics tool to provide you with the insights you need. Other OVPs (Online Video Players) like Wistia and Vidyard give powerful metrics and abilities to see beyond the simple view-count. For example, Wistia provides a Heatmap which gives a visual representation of viewer engagement. You can see in a simple yet aesthetic way which parts of the video are skipped or watched more than once.

But moving beyond any one single feature, incorporating strategies in addition to YouTube provides an additional SEO benefit as well. It’s true that Google and YouTube are the top two search engines, so you do want to rank well for both. With this SEO duality in mind, you should embed videos on your own website, and then alter the title slightly and upload the video to YouTube. By embedding the slightly altered video, then promoting both your website channel and YouTube channel separately, you’re ensuring that you’ll have an adequate presence on both.

How do I know which videos are the most successful? What does “success” even mean?

With all philosophy aside, a follow-up question about success is required. While a simple view-count might determine which of your videos are most popular, that does not always transfer into lead generation, let alone lead conversion. How many of those viewers are actually in your target audience? In order to prove ROI, you need more analytics than views. You need to incorporate quantifiable metrics, which is why OVPs like Vidyard are more powerful and useful than YouTube alone.

Like most OVPs, Vidyard integrates with marketing platforms and CRMs like HubSpot and Salesforce. That means you can track which videos are being viewed by which prospects, marketing qualified leads, or actual customers in your database. And once you have that data, it’s easy to run new reports that show which videos are having the biggest impact on lead flow, pipeline and closed revenue.

How can live streaming be incorporated into a video marketing campaign?

Live streaming adds a dynamic, immersive element to your marketing strategy. Live streams have become drastically more popular just in the last few years, as live feeds provide users with a sense of communitythey engage with the event as if they were actually there. Hosting a conference? Broadcast it live to your customers and prospects. When it's over, turn the live event into recorded videos that deliver value all year round. You can even track who's watching and how engaged they are. Use that information not only to improve your next event, but also increase the online presence of your company. People really do respond to live events. In fact, Facebook users spend 3X more time watching live videos than traditional videos.

An important caveat should be noted here regarding live video streaming, and video marketing in general. With the rise of Inbound Marketing and the online marketplace, marketing has switched from brand-focused efforts to consumer-focused efforts. That is to say, the most effective marketing strategies of the past few years don’t solely focus on conversion, they also focus on conversation. Live video streaming offers the perfect medium with which to showcase your brand as a living, breathing entity, not some faceless company. You can engage with viewers directly, or have them start the conversation among themselves, but in any event...once people are talking about you, you’ve got marketing momentum on your side.

If you have questions you would like to see featured in our weekly FAQ Friday, please submit them in the comments below, mention us @DirectImages on Twitter, or submit your questions HERE. Until next FAQ Friday, keep your communication lines open. Don’t know the answer—just ASK.

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