FAQ Friday: What You Need to Produce a Successful Video


Producing quality video content isn’t as easy as picking up a camera and shouting “Action!” But with proper education, planning, and execution, you can implement a video marketing campaign that will delight your audience and convert new leads. We sink our teeth into your video questions this edition of FAQ Friday.

Is video really worth it?
Let me answer this question with several more. Are you aware that including video in an email increases click-through by over 200%? Did you know that 90% of users say that video is helpful during the purchasing decision process? Or how about the fact that 595 of executives would prefer to watch video than to read text? (Source) These staggering statistics clearly show the importance of video. In order to stay ahead of the curve and maintain presence as an industry thought leader, video marketing is crucial.

How long will it take to produce a video?
Video production can vary widely depending on the scope of the project. Variables include the size of the cast, live-action or animation, location, scripts, etc. A typical project runs 4-8 weeks from initial start to final publish. Keep in mind that this general timeline does not include the inevitable email threads, meetings, and revisions that will probably accompany the actual video production, so plan accordingly.

Should I outsource my project or hire a dedicated in-house production team?
There is no simple answer to this. It really depends on your company’s needs and structure. For most companies with fewer than 50 employees, contracting a 3rd party video production team makes more sense. However, if you want to establish a long-term video marketing strategy (which you should!) then it will be more beneficial in the long-run to hire and onboard a team that will understand exactly your business needs and goals.

Where should I host?
YouTube and Vimeo are the most commonly used video hosting platforms. 9% of U.S small businesses use YouTube, which is quite a few considering there are 300 hours of content uploaded to YouTube every minute! Drowning out the noise and competing in that space is probably not your most effective option from a marketing standpoint. Instead, consider Online Video Players (OVPs) like Wistia or VidYard. These players offer a robust analytics toolkit which allows you to accurately track engagement from your users.

Who will provide the script?
Depending on the structure of your company, this question will increase or decrease the complexity of the project. If you’re providing the script, then copywriting will be involved, and there will be several additional steps in the approval process. There’s less liability for change and a faster process if you provide the content and they simply bring it to life.

Who is my target audience?
In your marketing strategy, especially as you try to create a unique user experience for your audience, you should reflect each stage of the buyer’s journey in your video content. If you are creating videos that are used just to attract people to your brand, only a few of those viewers will probably convert into leads and customers later on. A recent study showed that the best lead conversion rates happened after watching 57% of video content. To minimize bad traffic and nurture growth towards a more targeted and invested audience, try to provide a multifaceted video campaign. Create video content that reflects each stage of the buyer’s journey, so you can increase your conversion rates.

Of course, these questions are but a fraction of the thought and planning that should go into a successful video marketing campaign. But they are a great start. Now that you’ve gotten the ball rolling on producing video content, check out a handy tool for calculating the potential budget.

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