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Posted by Cydne Stewart Oct 22, 2014


As the age of social media and advanced search technologies alter the marketing landscape, consumer behavior has taken on its agenda, too. As a result, consumers have become savvy to marketing efforts, and in turn proportionality less tolerant of mediocre marketing. The evolution of consumer buying behavior calls for a more intuitive convergence of marketing disciplines, means of communication, and the messages conveyed via ‘brand-reality’. The key necessity to achieve success in this data-driven digital market is found in a more intuitive approach known as integrated marketing.

Integrated marketing is a term used to explain the development of more uniform and cohesive marketing campaigns across several channels, for different audiences, mediums, and means of communication throughout all steps of the buyer's journey. Instead of focusing and investing in a singular means of outbound consumer communication, this is a marketing strategy model designed to bring several marketing methods together to work in unison for a common goal—brand awareness.

The most common means or channels of marketing methods found in the integrated model:

  • Social media
  • Search engine optimization
  • Creative content
  • Blogging
  • Freemium offers
  • Email marketing
  • Video
  • Podcasts
  • Webinars

The overall goal is effectively bolstering the overall impact of each method of the target market.

Each marketing effort works together to produce a more favorable holistic outcome by employing all of the market data generated from each marketing element: pricing, product development, customer service, and distribution.


As a result, the message is consistently delivered across all channels. This strategy allows the message to be told, the product to be sold, and allows the brand to be known, by exactly who needs it, when they want it.  

This strategy is designed to ensure your communications are clear and the same both online and offline. It has a strategy to build a substantial brand knowledge in a seamless manner.

When your message is consistent, it will be more effectively consumed by audiences. More importantly, when your message is consistent, clear, and concise across all channels, you will realize the ever-important return on your investment. Integrated marketing services are vital in optimizing spending by appropriating dollars in the most effective marketing approach.

Old Spice deodorant used integrated marketing tactics to reposition its public image. After the brand had launched a wildly humorous television commercial of "the guy your guy could smell like," the brand's facelift was well underway. Moving forward, Old Spice invited their social media followers on Twitter and Facebook to ask "the man"various questions. Through this process, Old Spice recorded the video responses and used the footage on their YouTube account. By effectively developing a clear brand message, Old Spice integrated their active television spot over multiple platforms to reel in customers.

Most recently, Old Spice has introduced their campaign, "For Hair That Gets Results." Again, the brand looks to efficiently and seamlessly market across print, TV, and the web. 

Integrated marketing is a highly scalable and personal form of marketing that will work for any size organization, even yours.

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