Get Sh*t Done in Business Marketing: The Ultimate Glossary Part 3



above the fold

The portion of a website that is seen by default when a web page initially loads. It is always good to keep the most important information above the fold to ensure it is easily seen.

acquisition strategy

The process used to acquire or gain customers through marketing strategy.

acquisition value

The value of the product or service through the eyes of the customer or potential client.

action plan

The marketing plan that is derived from extensive market research and evaluation.

active listening

A process by which the listener attempts to extract as much information as possible in a set amount of time.

activities, interests, and opinions (AIO)

Characteristics that are used to derive valuable information in the buyer persona development process.

activity goals

These goals are particularly focused on accountability and participation in the marketing and sales process.

ad copy

Text that is used on a display banner or advertisement.

ad groups

Sets of ads that are used to achieve a common goal generally within a specific campaign.


The ability to be able to switch directions according to the demand of the market and current clients.

business to business (B2B)

When a particular product or service is marketed and sold to other businesses.

business to consumer (B2C)

When a particular product or service is marketed and sold to consumers.


Links leading from an outside website to your website.


Refers to the amount of media, documents, and information that can be passed through a particular digital connection.


A graphic visual used to communicate an important message to the individuals who visit your website.

banner ad

A digital asset used to attract website visitors via advertisement.

banner blindness

A theory that internet users have built a tolerance to the location of particularly overused banner ad placement locations.


The area in which frequently accessed information is located.

campaign integration tactics

The strategy and methods used to develop a balanced and successful marketing mix.


A term used to describe a standardized version of something, usually a digital asset or presentation.

consumer behavior

The actions of a consumer that can be directly tracked and analyzed for better marketing efforts.

digital ad

An abbreviation used to describe visual based online advertising.

early adopters

The second wave of participators to adopt and adapt to a new method or way of thinking within a particular trend or technology.


A business model that can operate solely online.


Transactions, commercial or otherwise, that are initiated and completed solely online.

economic environment

The information about a target market’s business activities, income, pricing, employment, transportation, means of consuming information, and other key factors that influence the way they consume information, products, and services.

fact sheet

Also known as a background sheet, is used to derive a buyer persona profile. Generally this sheet will include information like demographics, location, job role, salary, and other details about a particular buyer persona.

feature campaign

The use of a particular campaign or initiative to boost the awareness, sales, or revenue generation for a particular product or service.

field edit

Is a draft review round used in most editorial strategies to better the content for the editor.

focus group

A way for brands to gather information about a particular buyer persona or target market. In these groups, questions are generally qualitative on background, preferences and beliefs.


A place online where niche topic discussions occur. Anyone can participate and is generally encouraged.


An individual in charge of controlling information in and out of an organization.

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