Get Strategic with Integrated Marketing

the elements of strategic marketing work together to bring results

As we covered in: Get Acquainted with Integrated Marketing

Integrated marketing is:

  • the framework used in association with your marketing mix, the means to an end for content marketing.

  • all about when and how you reach the highest qualified leads, the union of tools needed to reach the masses.

Now, let's integrate strategy.

New Call-to-action

The elements of quality strategic marketing services all work together to bring results. Each element must contribute. Think of Integrated marketing not only in terms of channels of communication, but in terms of the different ways that people absorb and understand information.  Content should be thoughtful and informative, whether it is a blog post, a social media post or an email newsletter. Content should also be varied, with equal attention given to text, graphic design and video. Good marketing strategy can ensure that your marketing campaign gets all the elements aligned.

Whether on your blog, website, or social media, your marketing communications must speak to your ideal audience in a way that gets their attention.

Don't Forget Design.

Design is sometimes overlooked when concentrating on content marketing, but it should not be. People are mainly visual creatures. They respond to colorful graphics, and they often digest information presented in a visual manner, such as an infographic or chart. People also respond to the human voice, which is why video is such a powerful channel - it combines visual and audio. It gives a face and a voice to your business.

Graphic design services can spice up an otherwise dull social media campaign. Social media are flooded with businesses from all over the world. Now, to stand out and be heard among all the noise, you need to have a compelling social media campaign that gets you noticed. You need a campaign that will command attention from your current, future, and past consumers, readers, users, and anyone else within your niche.

The Power Of Video.

If your business has not embraced the power of creative, professional video production, you're missing out on a valuable opportunity to connect with your audience, hear their needs, communicate brand concepts, and so on.

There are many forms of video that can complement your other marketing activities. Having explainer videos on your business YouTube channel, testimonial videos on your site, and entertaining shorts on social media can be tremendously useful when it comes to building relationships, authority and brand.

How Design Impacts User Experience.

A clean and easy-to-navigate responsive designed website puts the user experience first. Clunky, cluttered, and slow sites are often abandoned. Well-designed landing pages are a must and an enormous part of your sales process. When someone visits your site, you want them to be welcomed with an attractive, easy to browse website that draws the visitor in and leads them to a desired action. Creative design can help you uphold a place that draws people in and keeps them coming back for more.

Clear calls-to-action are an art form, and many sites do not do this well. At this point, the importance of design comes into play. If your design services are neglected, it is possible, all of your best efforts in other areas will be wasted as well.


You may not immediately think of analytics and design together, but they are essential to your campaign. It is so important to know what is working, and what is not working for your audience. Too often, a business tries out new strategies, makes changes and introduces new design elements without doing any testing; wasting resources, time, and effort.

Strategic integrated marketing combines user experience, entertainment and intelligent marketing to take your business to new heights.

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