Hire an Inbound Marketing Agency or an In-House Content Manager


So your marketing department is expanding. You have been given the challenge to determine whether to hire a few new employees in-house, to hire an extension of your team, or to take on a full-service marketing agency.

Creativity can become a part of your in-house marketing efforts but a full-service marketing and creative agency specializes in creativity and hires individuals to fill specific creative positions. Having enough marketing employees in-house can be expensive and be challenging to manage. A creative marketing agency can help your business recognize the exact value proposition you are looking for, and help you generate new longer lasting prospects, leads, and customers.

Information accessibility is an agency strong point. White papers, case studies, and A/B testing are what agencies live and breathe. Agencies have the ability to not only access these studies and content pieces, but also to create an innovative way to apply creative and informative marketing strategies to better market your product or service.

Collaboration with an outside agency can also benefit the content development process. Agencies are well-known for understanding and zeroing in on the pain points of specific target audiences or niche markets. Your company is (I hope) well-known for being a subject matter expert in the field in which you offer products or services.

Efficiency within a marketing firm is standard whereas internally there are always other things that come up. This sometimes means blog posts and social media posts are placed on the back burner. When there isn’t enough time and there aren’t enough resources to allow content strategy to be considered a priority, it may be time to hire an outside agency.

Hiring a marketing agency means you’ll have a lower cost to build a solid foundation to increase return on investment. When a company decides to only operate a marketing program in-house, it can become pricey and time consuming. There is a lot that goes into making sure you website is up to par, your nurture emails are mapped and timed properly, and that you content is published in a consistent and timely fashion. Because it requires so much, one of two things could happen: you either drop the difficult and time-consuming (yet rewarding) tasks or you hire an agency to pick up the slack that you don't have time for. Managing multiple marketing priorities can be a bit of a juggling act which can be avoided simply by hiring an outside agency.

A one-person team content manager (or a team of a few) may be able to establish and follow a content creation and editorial process but they are most likely not going to be able to produce the content at the rate of speed necessary to maintain a healthy and productive content marketing mix conducive to a successful inbound marketing campaign strategy.

Financially speaking, hiring an inbound marketing agency or creative marketing agency can assist in handling the scope of your projects ensuring you are not going over budget. An agency should also ensure you are not wasting marketing dollars within your marketing mix that you would otherwise be able to allocate elsewhere.

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