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As a business person, it is not once that you have attended meetings from 8 to 5 to discuss marketing strategies. Once your meetings are over, you have your other hats to put on. Email, analytics, social updates, the list goes on. Most folks never quite get all of their daily marketing tasks done. However, technology has evolved and you do not have to worry about many of your marketing tasks since there is a solution to make implementing these marketing tasks more efficient.

What is marketing automation? HubSpot, a marketing platform that is used to automate your marketing tasks, is designed in such a way that it can help you to prioritize and distribute any marketing tasks that you may have. As a marketer, it does not mean that your job is now irrelevant due to the marketing automation software. You will continue to do your work, but become a bit more efficient. This means that with the help of the software, you will have more time without compromising the quality of the content you have produced. Your main task as a marketer is to generate traffic to the company. The visitors are potential clients and by using the marketing automation software, you can easily turn the visitors into your clients.

Marketers and businesses alike have opted to use marketing automation software since it allows the user to target a spefici list of contacts based on information and criteria specific to the needs of the user. The automated messages should be well detailed and tailored to answer any queries the visitors may have. Buyers want to purchase goods and services from companies that take time to talk to them. Writing a personalized email to potential clients about a specific product or service they have shown previous interest in will increase your chances to making them purchase your products and services.

Although using the marketing automation software may seem like a good thing, there are some Dos and Don’ts.

  • After automating, DO revisit your goals. Many marketers who have are using marketing automation software tend to automate everything. This can easily lead to old behaviors that can make you lose your clients. A good example is when you do not listen to your clients any longer.
  • Ensure you DO integrate your inbound marketing strategy with the marketing automation. Your inbound marketing strategy aspires to provide valuable content to your clients and potential clients. Make sure that this does not change after using the new software. It should only help you become efficient and not to compromise your communication.
  • DON’T forget your clients. Starting a business can be difficult, but staying in business is equally challenging. That is why most people focus to get new business and to close contract that they forget about their existing clients.
  • DON'T broadcast general messages only. If you have adopted the use of the marketing automation software, there will be no need to broadcast messages that are only of general purpose to all your contacts. Most likely your general messages will be labeled as spam and your potential clients will not be able to read future emails.

How can you know if your business is ready for marketing automation?

If you are a business owner, your Marketing VP may suggest that you get the marketing automation software.

You should consider automating your marketing process if your business fulfills the following characteristics.

  • All or most your leads currently come from referrals
  • You have or want to have content about your products and services to share with prospects
  • You are looking for a way to increase ROI and build brand presence.

Keep in mind that marketing automation is not completely self-reliant.  It will require your marketing team to rethink and work differently. Therefore, you can consider getting a HubSpot partner to train your workforce.

Using the HubSpot application can be a bit complex and overwhelming. A experienced, certified HubSpot partner can help you generate leads and roi. Some of the services you will get include;

  • HubSpot implementation
  • HubSpot integration
  • HubSpot training
  • HubSpot management

When looking for a HubSpot partner, choose a certified agency partner.

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