How Does Inbound Marketing Create a Sustainable Competitive Advantage


Inbound marketing not only supports your efforts in maintaining a sustainable competitive advantage, but it’s also equipped with the methodology to build a community around your brand. With being said, let’s discover how.

In an article entitled, How To: Keep and Sustain a Competitive Advantage, Michael Walsh discusses particularly about the three vantage points to sustaining a competitive advantage, i.e., products, services, and relationships. However, despite the author mentioning all three, overall, the investment is substantially worth more in regards to relationships than with both products and services combined. This same focus on investing in customer relationships rings true with inbound marketing as well.


Don’t find customers for your product, find products for your customers.—Seth Godin

Every startup has a message they want to convey. Nevertheless, most startups and other businesses in general tend to invest that message in their products and services. Because, unfortunately, a lot of businesses don’t weigh the benefit of engaging and delighting their customers with content marketing, marketing automation, and other inbound tactics.

Hopefully, however, your company has a desire to provide outstanding service to your past, present, and potential customers, and that you are not basing customer nurturance by just using your products and services alone. Because along with the inbound methodology, it allows you to leave less revenue on the table through building personalized relationships with your target audience instead of wasting your investment using wide net advertising like pay-per-click ads or other forms of paid advertising.

Inbound marketing is an interactive approach in regards to your audience. It allows you to know, understand, and engage with your community through solving their pain points over time, i.e., from the first interaction to even after the sale. This holistic relationship allows for longer customer life cycles and more reliable feedback, which eventually leads to sales.

So in order to create and incorporate an advantage for your company with inbound, here are three areas of focus for successful development of a sustainable competitive advantage all by using your content.


Persona Marketing:
A competitive advantage for your company is understanding your audience, and you can do just that by using buyer personas. A buyer persona profile is made up of factual information about your ideal customer, and with that information, you can deliver tailored content that matches and solves their wants and needs. By narrowing down your exact buyer personas, you speak to your audience as if you were having a one-on-one conversation with each of them. This form of targeted, personalized marketing is the most sustainable advantage one can have for their business.


Your content should complement your audience’s preferences. Speak to them in a way that addresses their concerns, and deliver content via their preferred channel of communication and on their optimal timeline.—Direct Images Interactive

Content Marketing:
In conjunction with persona marketing, content marketing is engaging with your personas by providing them value through your tailor made content. In fact, here are some key takeaways to creating content that builds an engaging relationship with your audience:

  • Answer every question with your content: Make sure that any piece of content you create addresses the questions and solves the problems of your audience. A great way to see how your content is affecting your audience is to do a thorough content examination. For example, if more of your audience is engaged with infographics than with blog posts, you can use this information to create hybrid content, i.e., blog posts with embedded infographics or increase the creation of infographics in order to increase engagement.
  • Builds community and trust: By taking the time to answer the questions of your audience, they will able to build trust with your company due to you putting in the time and dedication to adding value in their lives.
  • Establish your company as a thought leader in your industry: Providing content for your audience is also a great way for you to establish yourself as a thought leader. Becoming a thought leader is sharing your message that will create mini miracles for your business and ultimately your audience. And if your content can’t create that miracle, then don’t create it all.

Marketing Automation:
Finally with fusing both persona and content marketing, marketing automation allows you to streamline your content for your target audience. Marketing automation allows you to meet your audience where they are by delivering the content they need. With that being said, here are a few ways marketing automation can give you that competitive advantage:

  • Create a one-to-one conversation with your audience.
  • Allows for segmentation and proper content creation strategy.
  • Ensures reliable and timely delivery.
  • Prioritize and Distribute your marketing messages to your audience through personalized workflows.


If I gave a nickel away for each time a company remembered their audience, I would hope to be in debt.

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No longer should a company just partially invest in the needs of the consumer. As each day passes, quantity over quality is fading fast. So raise the bar in your company by not just investing in creating the best products and services, but also invest in creating the best overall experience for your customers.

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