How Much Does a Website Cost?

Having a website is mandatory for your business to succeed. However, with the stiff competition today, and the evolving technology, you will need a website that has much more than static images and simple text. This means that you will need a modern website that is fully functional. But how much does a website cost? A website cost can vary depending on a variety of factors. This can include the type of website you choose and how enhanced it is.

While planning to develop your new website, there are many things that you should consider. For instance, who is your audience and what are their interests? Include your products or services in a way that helps visitors understand the benefits. To ensure you have communicated your brand properly, you may elect to use interactive video or other multimedia that helps guide visitors through the buyers journey. These elements may increase the overall cost of your site, but can provide better results and higher ROI.

How much does a website cost?

The first and most important part of website costs will depend on how big your current website is, how it will change, and how much new content will need to be developed. If you are looking at your website as the marketing and sales machine it should be, then your cost will depend on the goals you have set for its performance.

Determining website cost involves getting hold of a planning and managing strategy. If you have multiple people on board, like a web design agency, or in-house designers and web developers you may want to have a few high-level meetings to determine how you will begin. For more on planning a website redesign you can read, Questions to Ask Prior to Kicking off a Website Redesign Project.

There are some other website costs that you may incur,

for instance the type of media and interactive design you use when designing your website.Remember all images and videos should be clear and provide insight to your target clients about your products or services. Therefore, your website should focus its strategy around two main things: user experience and mobile technology, this will ensure customers are able to access your website when using phones, and tablets.

Another way to increase success with your website redesign is by having a strong SEO plan that will rank your website highly on search engines such as Google.

You can also improve your website by including videos in your content and displaying them in strategic locations throughout the site. Videos can influence a buyer’s decision and guide website visitors through their buyer’s journey.

There are two types of online marketing strategies that business owners adopt. There is the older and more outdated outbound methods and the inbound marketing types that have been especially successful as of recent. Inbound content marketing has been proven to generate 3 times as many leads as the traditional outbound marketing but costs 62% less.

You can adopt an inbound marketing strategy on your website by:

  • Personalizing your website to fit the needs of different visitors,
  • Integrating your marketing strategy with other marketing channels. For instance, marketing automation and use of the social media,
  • Creating a landing page to help clients to locate what they want.


If you are not a web developer, you may find it difficult to always keep up with the ever-changing web technology and practices, for instance, the white glove techniques for search engine optimization, and aspect ratios for responsive design. Therefore, you will need an inbound marketing agency that understands both web development and your project to build a conversion focused website to fit your needs.

The cost of a website will depend largely upon the needs of your current site and the depth of your brand. Your best bet is to schedule a consultation and review your needs with a design firm to get a more clear picture on the scope of your project. If you are not sure of your needs that is alright as well, a well-established design agency will be able to walk you through the entire process.

How can you locate the best website developer?

  • Begin by understanding the services that are offered. Your ideal web developer should have both web design and marketing capabilities. Therefore, have a look at their website and review the important things such as other user experience and the elements they have on their website.
  • The next step is to build a relationship. Follow them on social media where you can easily get valuable information about how they operate and contact them if you have any inquiry about your project.
  • Get to know about the prices. You can contact a project manager or schedule a consultation to help determine how much you will spend and how the project will be budgeted. A reliable company will help you stay within your budget.

If you have a website and it is not helping you to reach the break-even point, then it is the high time you thought about a revamp. Having a well-planned website will help to cut costs and enable you to build your brand recognition to boost sales. To redesign your website, you will need to think of new aesthetic features to attract your target market. You will also need new content on a reoccurring basis to help grow your brand and enlighten your community. After all is done, look for a reliable firm to launch your site and to also maintain it for you. 

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