How to Balance Content Management and Marketing Automation


Inbound marketing is a series of trust building exercises that can help you to lead prospects through the buying process. The fact is, a recent study by Gleanster Research found that 50% of qualified leads are not ready to immediately purchase your products or services. That means that in order to convert those qualified leads into sales, you’ll need to develop a relationship of trust and authority with those prospects that will lead them through your sales funnel and help them reach their buying decision.

Companies that excel at lead nurturing generate 50% more sales ready leads at a lower cost than those that don’t have a content management strategy in place. But content management is only one side of the story. Automating the lead nurturing process can increase revenues, and help prospects on the fence move into buying mode.

The question becomes finding the balance between content management and marketing automation that can address your prospects pain-points, and meet the specific informational needs they have as they move through the conversion stages to become qualified leads, and ultimately closed sales.

Integrating CMS and Automation

A content management system is an application that allows publishing editing and modifying content to personalize it to a user’s specific needs. This can be done manually or with an automated process. The main function of a CMS is to store and organize files and provide version-controlled access. A content management system functions as a digital asset management system and can contain documents, movies, pictures, phone numbers or even scientific data.

Marketing automation has seen the fastest growth of any CRM-related segment in the last five years according to Focus Research. Combining content management and marketing automation can allow you to deliver personalized content directly to prospects through specific actions taken by users on your site. The key to success is a well-organized content creation strategy and properly segmented email-capture that can then become the basis for directed delivery through marketing automation.

What Exactly is Marketing Automation?

In a nutshell, marketing automation is a means to guide customer’s through your lead funnel by providing specific information, usually delivered through email, that is based upon their actions when on your website. This starts by having a well-developed set of target personas and knowing your email recipients well enough to create a personalized, unique user experience.

Creating effective directed emails is a key to marketing automation success. The goal is to nurture your prospect through the sales funnel, by delivering increasingly specific high-quality content to establish authority and trust. Here are some best practices to keep in mind as your develop your lead nurturing system.

  • Write freely and naturally. Lead nurturing emails, even though automated, should be free flowing. It should roll off the tongue as your recipient glances over the page. Think, finesses and relevance!
  • Use a good editing program. Guiding a prospect through your sales funnel is already difficult enough without disrupting the process with grammatical errors and typos.
  • Identify your sales cycle before beginning your content development. Use your content management system to organize your material and the automate the delivery process. The important aspect is to make sure both your marketing and sales teams have a clearly defined sales cycle, including trade-off points where your prospect is handed from marketing to sales for the close. This will help you to develop a timeline for your nurturing campaign. It’s your road map for guiding your customers through their journey with your company and product.

Why You Need A Marketing Automation System

Marketing automation takes content management to the next level. It is a way of centralizing your marketing efforts to allow for a personalized outreach to prospective customers and allows your efforts to be tracked and measured. Automation is a tactical approach to content distribution that assists your efforts for lead generation, customized nurturing and community building and when combined with content management allows for a centralized, integrated marketing approach.

There are many automation options available, but one of the best is Hubspot’s all-in-one integrated marketing platform. Using the methodology of; Attract, Convert, Close and Delight, the Hubspot platform includes integrated content management for easily creating high-quality content  using templates and responsive design. It also allows for easy creation of CTAs and landing pages.  Your content delivery can then be automated and personalized to assist your outreach at each stage of the customer life cycle.

Balancing content management and marketing automation is crucial for inbound marketing success. Today’s consumer is looking for authority and a unique user experience. Using a platform like the one offered by Hubspot is a great way to achieve the balance between content management and marketing automation and bridge the gap between marketing and sales.

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