How to Better Your Startup Business Blog


With all of the front page access to fresh, up-and-coming technologies, it is important to stay ahead of your niche-specific power curve. A blog that has nurturing impact is where you should set your sights.

Let’s dive into how that can be achieved by a strong startup business blog foundation and the steps necessary to develop such a marketing asset.

The benefits of building a sound structure for your startup blog:

  • Be sure to utilize blog real estate to advertise other lead nurturing campaigns that will assist in guiding the website visitor through the buyer’s journey via external landing pages. Read more about successful inbound marketing campaigns.

  • It is also important to remember that a web page is: high-end interactive design, a better understanding of consumer demands, a tool to allow you to spend less and earn more, and the ultimate way to provide a medium to create and incubate a valuable business to consumer relationship.

  • Conduct a content inventory prior to planning your blog editorial strategy. Many small businesses and startups don't realize the gold mine of information-based content they have already in place. These pieces of content can prove useful for reference, research and content development.

  • Having a full list of your live content also helps you understand your current brand presence and will help assess the direction in which your brand is headed. Adjustments and changes can be made to better suit your overall business goals.

  • Creating a content inventory can be a bit overwhelming. Not knowing what to include can be a big hurdle for busy firms. I have gathered a checklist for you to utilize in your content audit process.

  • Patience is a virtue with business blogging.

Important startup business blogging SEO tips:

  • Establish a keyword strategy that effectively attracts proper website visitors. All of your ranking opportunities should be well-researched. This is an important step and one you should focus the majority of your time researching and perfecting.

  • Always track your progress. Become familiar with basic marketing management analytics. Set aside time each day to review where you stand with your keywords, site performance, and ranking (it doesn’t have to be long, 5 to 10 minutes is ample time).

  • Analyze the progress you have been tracking. Visits, contacts, bounce rate, time on a page, leads, and conversion. For now, it is important to understand exactly how to boost all of these metrics with proper SEO technique.

  • Keep your title to a maximum of 70 characters.

  • Include at least one keyword (we encourage you to use more if possible, but don't overstuff your article, use them as naturally as possible).

  • Use images and video as much as possible. Be sure to keep your image and video SEO in mind when you are attaching them to your blog post. Things like alt tags and referral links are vital to your content marketing SEO.

  • Include internal links to other content sources on your website (in moderation, of course).
  • And lastly, make sure to include keywords in both your meta description and the blog post URL.

A blog can be a long-term marketing asset that will bring traffic and leads to your business. It introduces you as a thought leader in your industry and allows you to earn people’s trust.

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Introduction to Business Blogging


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