How to Create Thought Leadership Marketing with Internet Broadcasting

A great Internet marketing strategy is to be a thought leader and to position your company as its own Internet broadcasting network. Companies are leveraging content marketing to become their own online publishing enterprise. 

Digital marketing trends include thought leadership strategies like webinars and periodic blogging to increase inbound traffic. Thought leadership marketing doesn’t need to just be a series of webinars, white papers and written blogs. Imagine web video as a hybrid of a magazine and a TV show, but distributed over the Internet. Why not be your own web video network?

One of the tasks Direct Images Interactive has recently taken on is marketing San Leandro as a city of innovation. We created a series of videos that highlight how innovation happens in the New San Leandro


We learned that the city of San Leandro was promoting Make San Leandro, a Maker movement event focusing on art, technology and education. This created a perfect opportunity for an Internet video broadcast. We proactively decided to become involved by creating a live streaming video show on location at Make San Leandro. The show featured numerous thought leaderstalking about an innovation ecosystem and new and unique applications of technologies.

Espen Sivertsen and Derick Lee

The show, movers & MAKERS was the debut broadcast of In-Sites, a new Internet channel developed by Direct Images Interactive. The live videocast kicked off with a woman-on-the street interview of Congresswoman Barbara Lee by Rena Nicole of the Rena Nicole Show. This was followed by on-site studio coverage of Type A machines CEO, Espen Sivertsen being interviewed by millennial entrepreneur Derick Lee.

All in all, the 4 hour program featured video interviews with over 20 individuals from the Make San Leandro event.

You can see archived sessions from the video event here:


Other interview subjects include:
Greg DeLaune of UIX Global, Cat Casuat - Hackathon winner, Barbara Hanna of Cyant, Nora Touré of Sculpteo, and many more.

Stay tuned for the next blog that will talk about the best practices in creating an Internet broadcast and using it in thought leadership marketing.

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