How to Crush Your Local SEO Marketing


Google recently released a report informing marketers, SEO specialists, and business owners alike that 20% of searches on its properties have local intent, a figure that doubles to 40% for mobile search. Implementing local search optimization is an important component of your web site development.

Since local search takes up almost all of the upper fold in Google search, aside from ONE organic local search engine ranking, it is important to master the local SEO in order to secure your spot at the top of the Google search. There are many components to a successful local SEO strategy. Each is equally important and combined, they evolve into a house of cards; removing one element could cause all of your hard work to come tumbling down. This is similar to general SEO tips and ranking techniques, but more important.

Here is why:

  • Local SEO marketing is the Holy Grail of organic search results
  • Local search is used 40% of this time on mobile

Research released from comScore shows more than 4 out of 5 consumers that searched locally followed the online search with a visit to the store, a phone call, or purchase. In other words, over 75% of people who find local businesses online while searching for something specific are likely to visit your site to conclude their search.

Because local SEO and content optimization is so important, you should put together a strategy to boost your local search ranking. This strategy will allow you to stay on the radar of those who will most benefit from your products or services, and crush local SEO marketing.

Although there are many ways to boost your local SEO ranking, this is a local search marketing recipe that you should utilize:

  • CREATE local content relevant to your niche
  • Make it look good
  • Share your work on your social media channels
  • Participate in your community conversations
  • Be sure your inbound links to your landing pages are all green and clean
  • THIS IS A BIG ONE: Be sure your business listing profiles are all filled out.
    Even if they are inactive, the information alone will assist in boosting your SEO
  • Link building is always a must (be sure the links you focus on are high quality, meaningful, and in line with your business model)
  • Encourage reviews on all local listing sites, FourSquare, Yelp and other social-local platforms relevant to your business
  • Be sure your Google Business listing is immaculate
  • Include your content keywords in all website URLs
  • Include your city and state in both the H1 and H2 heading tags
  • Create local buzz like this:

Seems a bit daunting. Right? It’s not, most of these tasks can be addressed as tiny tasks while completing content creation. A few of them you may have to work into your schedule, but usually only require the update when business changes or moves are made.

However, the local SEO success ingredients change, and often. It is best to stay up on the latest updates from Google, Yahoo, and the other large search engines to be sure you are up to date. You can also stay tuned with us for updates from our blog by subscribing.

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