How to Determine When You Need a Marketing Agency

how-to-determine-when-you-need-a-marketing-agency_1000x576.jpgDetermining whether you should outsource your marketing efforts or keep them designated to your current in-house team is a HUGE move for your business. Which is why, it is important to know if your business not only is ready for this move but if your business should make the move at all.

So if you’re curious as to whether or not your company needs to outsource a marketing agency and you need help in determining that decision, don’t fret. The following are four red flags with beneficial statistics to help you in detecting your company’s needs that are solvable with the help of an outsourced marketing agency.

Red Flag #1: You don’t know what to invest in.

Regardless of if you’re a small or a big business, it is always a good practice to allocate funds based on the data from your monthly, quarterly, and annual reports. However, if you don’t have substantial data because you are a new business, or you don’t know how to collect or measure the data that you currently have, or you don’t even know how to effectively analyze your data, then a marketing agency would be beneficial for your business.

An important factor about marketing agencies is that they thrive off data. Data is needed to launch effective marketing campaigns, nurture leads and customers as well as ultimately market your brand to the right audience—producing nurturable to sales-ready visitors and leads.

The following stats should help justify why having effective data analysis is necessary for your marketing budget:

Red Flag #2: You need more hands.

In-house teams are great for hands-on situations—including readily available access and communication to what your business needs and the like-minded people who already know what your brand is about. However, if your current team is stretched for time, so much so that they’re overloaded with backlogged workloads, you may be looking for more help.

Knowing this, here are just a few additional things to consider if you’re thinking about expanding your current team.

Red Flag #3: You don’t have the needed experience.

With the way the marketing world is expanding due to the technological advancements of our digital age, you want to make sure you have a team who is implementing effective marketing strategies.

However, if you have a team who is currently stretched with work or you have a team who is inexperienced in all the facets that are necessary for your marketing success, they may be one of the following who are diminishing your growth due to inconsistent and ineffective use of strategical implementation:

So if your business doesn’t have the funds to support more quality in-house members—utilize a marketing agency. They will support you in knowing your brand inside and out with their own in-house team of experienced and qualified professionals.

Red Flag #4: You don’t have time to do it all.

If you are wanting more than 12 hours in your work day just to get work done as well as devote time to researching and actualizing effective marketing activities for your business, you need a marketing agency.

Just to put it all in perspective, these are just a few examples of how much time is necessary to make sure your business gets the marketing needs it deserves:

The Ultimate Red Flag: You just need help.

Don’t allow your business growth to collapse into lifeless leads and sales, a shortage of new visitors due to outdated website design and maintenance, and overall decline in your business’ performance. So if any of the above resonated with you, then your decision has already been made. It’s time to outsource to a marketing agency today.

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