How to Improve Inbound Video Marketing Results

how-to-improve-inbound-video-marketing-results_1000x576.jpgInbound video marketing is the here-and-now for what online marketing is for so many businesses. The fact is that you have to show your business off in the best light. Getting your point across with video marketing is fast becoming the most impactful and economical manner in which to do so. Even as so many inbound marketing videos are splashed out with fancy graphics and stunning effects, the costs move continuously more in reach. Still if your current video presentations looks shoddy or don’t exist at all , that doesn't mean you need to keep up with things as you've had them. Here are six steps to setting your inbound video marketing plan into action.

To begin your inbound video marketing efforts, you need to know what you want the result to be. If you just throw money and time towards a video marketing plan that is just going to tell your customers a story they all already know, that's not a smart use of your marketing  dollar. You need to know what points you are trying to get across, which audience you are trying to reach, and what you want your viewer to walk away from your video. You want them thinking about your product or service.
When you have a video that's optimized, nothing is wasted. No excess breath is spent saying something twice, no erroneous intro music drones on for too long, no graphics overstay their welcome. Getting your video primed is going to be a trial and error quest, but it's not something that you should give up. Ask anyone what their least favorite part of videos online are and they will tell you that it’s the ones that go on for too long without saying anything new. More graphics can only lead to more buffering which no one loves!
You can't overlook the takeaway that a good title will leave your audience with. Something terse, memorable, and impactful that gets your point across. Again, this is something that you may come up with straight away or you may wind up grappling with 20 different titles before you find the right one. Don't give up!
One of the big things about today’s inbound video marketing efforts is the fact that so much of what is out there today was customized for different clients or potential clients. Of course, if you already have their marketing dollar it is a lot easier to lay down some money for a customized marketing video. Still you can't overlook the fact that the job could be between you and one other company who don't have a personalized video prepared for the client. If you were the client which group would you choose? You need to treat all of your jobs with the urgency and attention you would want to be paid to you.
When you want to get the most from your inbound video marketing, the one key is to leave no stone unturned! If you are going to spend the time to make a video with a great title and a great body of work (e.g. your business) then you should be eager to show it off to the world. You should make every effort to get your video out to as many potential clients as possible. Even if yours is a video that is catered to an existing customer, you can still show non-clients the level of service they are missing out on.
There should also be “urgency" to your video. Don't rush it, by any means. But the longer you let your video sit in post-production, tinkering with small things and doubting yourself, the less relevant the video will become. The only thing that will happen by sitting on your video for too long is making it no longer accurate. So take your time, find your message, craft your video, get your shots, and then send the thing out! The longer you wait, the more likely you are to become your worst enemy.
Many businesses have websites but no inbound video marketing materials for them. Even if you have some videos up on your site, how proud of them are you? You need to do right by your business, and you need to make sure your staff and your co-workers all appreciate how much you want your business to take off and be successful.

If you are uncertain about your inbound marketing, video marketing or your overall marketing results as they stand right now, and you want a second opinion about your website and how things are laid out, then you should find a partner who can help you make sense of it all. Direct Images Interactive can help you figure out just what works for your business and set success in motion!

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