How to Incorporate Video & Interactivity with Inbound Marketing

how-to-seamlessly-incorporate-video-and-interactivity_1000x576.jpgFrom email marketing campaigns to individual web pages and the recommendations that you give your customers, the future of digital marketing is definitely moving towards personalization and dynamic content.

Old-school outbound marketing has it that the best way to market your products and services is through putting you and your products before the customer's preferences. Sure, things were, and sometimes still are, focused grouped but there wasn't much of a chance for the customers' preferences to shine through in real-time and make a difference.

More interactive content that's personalized based on your customers' preferences and actions changes all that and puts more control in the hands of your customers.

Incorporate Dynamic Content with Inbound Marketing

Personalization that's driven by data increases engagement with customers and leads to more relevant curated content.

Dynamic content is in itself flexible, but it can be applied to a pretty eclectic range of inbound marketing services—from more personalized email marketing messages to adaptive webpages, more relevant video ads, and individualized product recommendations. A few examples of interactivity at work:

  • Adaptive webpages
  • Personalized video ads
  • Individualized product recommendations
  • Personalized email marketing messages
  • Personalized calls to action

Almost any form of inbound marketing can be bettered by incorporating dynamic content and interactivity. You can even create interactive white papers designed with user engagement, providing real value and educating your customers all in mind.  

Interactive content allows you to steer the buyer's journey in ways that create more nuanced customer profiles and ultimately benefit your company. The real-time information that you collect from incorporating interactive content also empowers your lead scoring and lead nurturing efforts far beyond what traditional outbound marketing methods can accomplish.  

Create a Seamless Buyer's Journey

You've probably already dealt with interactive content if you've been on Amazon and gotten personalized recommendations based on your browsing and purchasing history. It can feel like magic—even when you know the trick—to have a book that would have crossed your radar in a few months suddenly pique your interest.

Curating more personalized content just makes the buyer's journey that much more seamless. Put another way, though, incorporating more dynamic content into your digital marketing strategy is becoming a necessity since 74% of your potential customers get irritated when web content, video ads, and promotional content appears to have little to do with their interests.

Improved Data and More Relevant Content

It doesn't have to be that way. By incorporating more dynamic content into your web pages, landing pages and email marketing messages you can increase the time that people spend on your site, your click rates and even your lead conversion rates.

On top of that, by inserting lead forms in your interactive content you'll glean much more data on your potential customers; this data can then be uploaded into marketing automation software that, in turn, can be used to create a higher level of contextual intelligence on all of your leads and further streamline your interactive content.

Benefits of Personalized, Interactive Videos

Personalized content is all about making the overall experience more relevant and valuable for customers by delivering more engaging content in real-time.

One way to do that is by introducing your company and current product lineup in a video, then letting the customer decide what s/he wants to explore next.

Depending on the product they choose, you can provide your viewers with text annotations that delve deeper into the topic or shunt them towards blog posts, ebooks, whitepapers or PDFs that give them the time and space to learn more about the topic they've selected.

Giving your customers the wheel, so to speak, actually is in your best interest since you'll be collecting better data on their preferences and current interests, which can later be put towards delivering even more relevant video content in the future. Collecting better data also results in a very tangible improvement in profile building and lead nurturing.

As an example, when your customers take more control by selecting which scenes get played or what products get explored next, you've just automatically boosted customer engagement and learned more about their process. Interactive videos also give you the chance to deploy customized calls to action and efficiently flip leads into conversions.

The Future's Moving Towards Interactivity

Interactive video is really just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to infusing more interactivity into your inbound marketing initiatives. Interactivity can be used in both B2C and B2B marketing contexts to kickstart your webpages, email marketing messages, calls to action and even your infographics.

Inbound marketing that changes the interaction with customers from a monologue to a two-way conversation that takes into account customer behavior and preferences yields more sophisticated profile building, higher quality leads and more return customers. Get in touch with Direct Images Interactive to get started.

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