How to Produce a Video Marketing Campaign—Cut to Conversion


Video is a marketer’s best friend. Producing visual content engages your audience and generates new leads. In this post, we’ll give you everything you need to know about launching a successful video marketing campaign. The crash course starts now.

In 2017, video marketing accounts for 69% of all consumer traffic. Getting in on the action starts with goal setting.

Determine Goals

Before stressing over budget, it is paramount that you sit down with your team and have a transparent discussion on the campaign’s objectives. Is it to increase social media presence? If so, what are your target friend requests, likes, and shares? If the campaign aims to generate new leads, how many and over what length of time? Using SMART goals (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, timely) helps get everyone on the same page, and it’s always best to have a quantifiable metric with which to measure your campaign’s effectiveness.

Determine Channel and Medium

YouTube garners more than 1 billion users every month. That is a staggering statistic, but it does not necessarily mean YouTube is the right host for your video content. Other hosts like VidYard and Wistia provide more analytics than YouTube. For example, you can see a heat map which visualizes the most and least watched portions of your content. Consider your buyer personas when deciding channel: Where do your best customers hang out online? In what ways would they be most receptive to engaging with video content? As with any great campaign, proper planning and pre-execution strategy is key.

Allocate Resources

Now that your objectives have been articulated, it is time to consider how much money you will need for the campaign. This dollar amount can vary wildly depending on video production costs: A quick way to determine your budget is to use a video budget calculator. For single campaigns, it’s probably best to hire an out-of-house team, but if you want video marketing to be a long-term strategy for your business (and you should!), it will eventually be easier and more cost-effective to hire a dedicated video production team.

Lights, Camera, Action

With all the preparation out of the way, it’s time to film. Whether or not you’ve hired a professional video production company, you will want to designate someone (which could be yourself) to oversee the project. Keep communication lines open to ensure timely and quality delivery. Once the editing is complete and your video looks polished enough for publishing, run it by a few team members first. They will view the content with fresh eyes and might catch any errors or potential social media blunders that could prove costly later on. And remember, with video marketing, it’s better to leave your customer wanting more than to overwhelm them with information!

Publish, Measure, Repeat

Testing the success of your video marketing campaign should be done quantifiably to get an objective report of the campaign’s effectiveness. The play rate is the percentage of people who click your video. The watch rate is the percentage of the video that viewers watch before exiting out. The conversion rate is the percentage of people who, after watching part or all of the video, subscribe to an email list or reach out to a sales representative. You can also track social media presence by the number of shares for each video. Keeping these metrics in mind, the data will begin to reveal the strengths and weaknesses of your content. By iterating campaigns over, you will hone in on the most effective ways to connect and engage with your customer base.

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