How Video Creates ROI on the Internet


Internet technology has brought about a major change in the way broadcasting takes place. Gone are the days when we had to wait until morning to get the latest news or had to wait for the repeat telecast of our preferred programs.

With the advent of Internet broadcasting services, we have come to a point where any kind of information is just a click away.

How Video and Interactivity Create ROI

There was a time when people religiously sat in front of their televisions to follow their favorite shows, but viewers today adjust their show viewing to their personal needs. Even if they miss the show at the time it is aired on television, they can just watch it later on the Internet.

Online video content has changed the concept of advertising. As more and more viewers abandon television and discover video content through social networking, it is becoming more imperative to understand how video creates ROI on the Internet.

Broadcasting trends of 2014 reveal that about 46% of adult Internet users create their own content and 41% help others reach content by reposting it. These trends have led to a remarkable growth in the alternative entertainment industry.

This means that even though a formal entertainment industry exists, more and more people are getting involved in the parallel industry where they create and post their own content. This phenomenon is especially true on social networking sites such as YouTube.

People are packaging their talents into videos and posting them for the world to see. This has led to a new class of status, YouTube celebrities.

Moreover, people have started branching out from only viewing regional broadcasts. In this era of technological development, people have become eagerly involved in shows and news from countries across the globe.

Whether it is a program created in the USA or UK, it is now possible for it to be equally as popular in far away countries. This has led to an acceptance of variety and diversity across the world.

When viewers watch programs from other places in the world, they not only get a better understanding of the culture of the other places, but also understand the contrasting features of their own culture better. This essentially has made the world a global village.

It is safe to say that not only has Internet broadcasting changed the way video programming works, but cultural and psychological changes have made us more accepting of the rest of the world.

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