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We have all read the “Top 1,000 Email Marketing Tips” articles that flood the Internet. Some are well-written and others well-curated, but most don't really provide the answers to the issues plaguing YOUR email marketing campaign challenges. The practical tips are important, but really understanding how to apply those tips to your email marketing campaign strategy is imperative to its success. Let’s review how you can apply the best email marketing tips and tricks to your next email campaign.

How do we get in the right frame of mind to utilize most successful email marketing strategy and improve ROI, qualified leads, and overall campaign success?

Understand why your company is utilizing email as an inbound marketing strategy. Some reasons may include:

  • Lead Generation
  • Lead Nurturing
  • Customer Acquisition
  • Establishing Brand Awareness
  • Establishing Thought Leadership

Once you have an established purpose you can begin to understand and develop an email marketing campaign that will make a difference in the marketing metrics you care about.

Clear and concise content is imperative in any form of marketing communication and especially so with email marketing.

Think about it this way: with the downward spiral of outbound marketing and growth of concern amongst consumers about spam and fraud, it is important to tread softly. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to reduce your email output, but rather, be selective in the emails you are sending.

If a potential lead, or anyone for that matter, has entrusted you with their email address and personal information, you should respect their trust in you. To reciprocate their generous offer, you should (no matter what) provide value in every form of communication or customer engagement thereafter.

Ways to provide value include:

Time is money–short, sweet, and to-the-point emails always take the cake.

Personalization–keeping your email marketing campaigns personalized and targeted always helps build a better connection.

Mobility in email–most email is read on the go. Having responsive email templates that are mobile-friendly will not only boost your click-through rates but also make the user experience more enjoyable.

In order to create effective email marketing strategies, it is imperative that your marketing department or agency has a high-level view of the purpose of email to the business. The consumer should always be first in mind when developing email marketing campaign ideas. The goals for any email marketing campaign should be pre-established and be the driver of content ideas.

For example:

If you are sending an email to boost click-through rates to your business blog, it should be clearly presented above the fold. The emails should have some sort of value besides the presented link to your blog and provide a  “preview” of what the links have in store.

As you can see there are quite a few skill sets your business must master in order to benefit from email marketing. You better get started! Creativity is calling.

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