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Video marketing is a versatile new marketing tool with a proven track record of helping companies get the word out. In Short videos—normally around two to five minutes in length—can give your customers a quick rundown of a new service, fresh product line, or just what's coming down the pike next from your business.

Part of the evolving inbound marketing trend known as rich media are video elements that create greater interaction. Video marketing also works great for conveying convincing customer testimonials, reviews, training videos and streaming live corporate events to a wider audience around the world.
Tip #1: Use video across multiple marketing channels.
More-and-more people can see what makes your company stand out from the pack when you incorporate bite-sized videos into your blog posts and social media content. You can also eke out more value by incorporating video marketing into your email marketing campaigns and landing pages to entice customers to click through and make a larger commitment with your company.
There's a growing incentive for businesses to embrace video marketing as a reliable extension of inbound marketing and a viable way of engaging larger audiences. Your customers increasingly enjoy getting more information about your products and services from YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. In fact, 2015 saw Twitter introduce its autoplay feature that works on timelines and across Twitter's site, and Facebook's providing more rope to advertisers looking to purchase video ads.
Ride the video marketing tide.
The point is that social media is extending itself to accommodate companies who are willing to deliver more engaging rich media, in general, and video marketing, in particular. The cool thing is that video marketing increases customer engagement on social media and comes in handy if you're looking to increase your open and click-through rates elsewhere.
Companies are actually scurrying to get more rich media into their email marketing campaigns, social media feeds, and blogs. That could be why 2015 was subtitled as the "year of video marketing" - video marketing meets an existing demand among customers for engaging and thought-provoking video content that tells a story about your brand.
Over three-forths of your customers watch online videos every week and of that audience, over half watch online videos daily. Moreover, the last year saw video taking up over half of consumer internet traffic, and that number is anticipated to skyrocket over the next few years. By 2017 video is projected to account for approximately 70% of consumer internet traffic, and grow by a further ten percent to reach four-fifths of consumer internet traffic by 2018. Video is definitely here to stay.
Tip #2: Tell a storywhile maintaining a publishing schedule.
One of the best ways to whip up excitement about an upcoming product before it's unveiled is to create a story that slowly entices your audience to pay more-and-more attention. Just think of what Apple does—they give sneak previews of a new iteration of their technology and let gossip, speculation, and excitement carry customers through the doors.
Apply those same principles to your company and think how much more engaging it is for customers to follow a product's journey from the brainstorming, funding, development, testing and launch phases. With video marketing you can tell a story in a visually appealing way that keeps customers on the hook and fully listening to what you have to say. You'll stoke interest about a new product launch and, at the same time, get your name out there and create richer bonds with the consumers you're hoping to engage.
In the same way that drip marketing is used in email marketing campaigns to chain together a longer series of messages and (hopefully) tell a compelling story to your audience, your video marketing should be following a publishing schedule set ahead of time. Ideally you want public attention to crescendo around the time of your product launch or live event—just make sure to space everything out at the beginning so that you can stay relevant and engaging later.
Tip #3: Embrace shorter and longer video formats.
Video marketing can be overwhelming when you're just starting out. Just realize that you don't necessarily need to start by filming a live event—you can use video for short thank-you videos, brief demos of a product that's been making the rounds on social media, or a customer tutorial on one of your services. Start small but dream big. (HubSpot)
Bite-sized videos (potentially < 10 seconds) can be formatted to play automatically on Vine, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter as your customers scroll through your social media feed. From micro video apps on Vine and Instagram to tutorial videos and customer-generated video content that you can leverage to your advantage, video marketing isn't going anywhere.

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