Inbound Marketing: Strategizing, Building, and Running a Campaign in HubSpot


If you’re savvy in the field of marketing, then you know that a CRM (Customer Relationship Management system) is a powerful tool that can help streamline both your sales and marketing efforts. HubSpot, one of the leading and most popular CRMs, delivers a myriad of useful features that increase efficiency and, ultimately, lead to more closed deals! 

Let’s look at how to use HubSpot to run a marketing campaign.

Strategy matters. 46% of the executives surveyed last year stated that a lack of an effective strategy was the biggest obstacle in achieving their inbound marketing goals. Take the time to sit down with your team and discuss the objectives, timeline, budget, and process of your campaign. In this meeting, the more the merrier! You want the attendance of the sales and marketing teams, decision-makers, and anyone who might be relevant to the campaign. This increases transparency, cooperation, and communication, which your employees will surely thank you for down the road. In the HubSpot portal, assigning tasks is a great way to allocate work. And later, when the campaign is up and running, make sure to use the Reports tab so that you and your team can see which pieces of content or offers are most effective at converting leads.

Target your audience
A major tenet of the Inbound methodology is to spend maximum effort in going after the right leads, at the right time, via the right channels. So, who are the right leads? Use buyer personas to help you find out. Buyer personas are fictionalized representations of your ideal customers. They are meant to give you a detailed picture of your target customers and help you better understand their typical research, decision-making, and buying behaviors. Personas are comprised of information about these ideal customers, including, but not limited to: demographics, motivations, goals, pain points, place within their company structure, attitudes, and who they consult with when making decisions.

Understand your audience
Putting yourself in the shoes of your most ideal buyers provides insight into the best methods of reaching out. You should be able to answer the following about your buyer personas: Where do they hang out online? Where can they be reached easily, and what ways do they want to be reached? What is their most common pain point, and how do they research solutions to that pain point? (For a more in-depth list of persona questions, check out this post.) After learning the answer to these questions, use the Lead Scoring feature of HubSpot to assign positive and negative values to leads depending on controllable factors like company size, location, job role, etc. The more specific, the better! This scoring system takes time to develop and should constantly be refined.

Create a content plan
What do your buyer personas want to see? What pain points are they looking to solve? Each piece of content you create has an objective. The goal is to gain information about contacts so that you can hone in and close, but you can’t demand information from peopleyou have to earn it. Use what you already know about your buyer personas to curate relevant and high-quality material, which includes blogs, vlogs, social media presence, interactive video, eBooks, white-page offers...the list goes on! Make your content plan versatile and flexible. If a person “likes” your post on twitter, then send them a direct message with another piece of content! Inbound marketing is all about being there when people want you, not the other way around.

Now that you and your team have meticulously curated high-quality and relevant content for your buyer personas, it’s time to put your plan into action. Start publishing! Create blogs, emails, social media posts, and everything else you think your buyer personas will love to see. Publishing consistent and relevant content will yield greater SEO results; engaging with people on your site will increase brand awareness and develop your reputation as an industry thought leader. Collect data when you can, but stay away from spamming. Try using the 3 form system to keep your campaign’s content outreach efficient and organized.

Automate, automate, automate
Create workflows which can be either time-triggered or event-triggered. For example, if someone subscribes to your blog, perhaps you have a workflow that sends an email thanking them for the subscription and providing a CTA (Call-To-Action) to a free piece of content such as an eBook. If they don't respond in three days, send a second email which follows up on the first and provides another piece of content. If another week has gone by without a response, a third “break-up” email goes out, apologizing for the possible intrusion and stating you’ll be ready to pick up where they left off if they ever change their mind.

Measure and regroup
In a 2016 survey of American marketing executives, 60% of those who have a documented strategy said their organization is effective at marketing. In contrast, only 32 percent of those who have a verbal strategy say they are effective. Documentation is crucial. To prove that your marketing campaign was a success, you need to have quantifiable measures of ROI. Thankfully, HubSpot has you covered. Under the Reports tab, you can see the performance of your various emails, blogs, and CTAs. Use this information to constantly tweak and improve your campaign. A successful marketing strategy is lean, adaptable, and responsive to change. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

HubSpot’s intuitive interface and wide range of features makes it a powerful tool for running marketing campaigns. Before long you’ll be a whiz at navigating the site and using it to your advantage. Remember, take the time and effort in the planning stages initially, and observe/measure every metric that you can. May your next campaign be the best yet!

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