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In this customer focused industry, brand engagement is king to retaining brand awareness and a positive overall experience for your audience. Ultimately, brand engagement is all about creating a personal relationship with your audience to your brand. In fact, brand engagement measures how consumers perceive your brand, how well you have communicated your brand, and whether the experience of your brand stands up to the promises it makes.

However, if you’re not focusing on how to nurture your audience, you’re missing out on potential marketing opportunities to not only increase your brand engagement but also increase the number of leads and future customers that you need.

By using marketing automation to create lead nurturing workflows, you can send emails, update contact information, add or remove contacts from lists, and trigger email notifications that help increase engagement as well as nurture your current and potential leads through the sales funnel. But, none of these benefits will happen if you do not have the right focus — your target audience and why your content is relevant to them.

So here are two main questions from the perspective an audience member that you should ask yourself each time you want to create a lead nurturing campaign workflow. As well as, how marketing automation can help you streamline your campaign in order to nurture engagement and foster overall potential of increasing sales ready leads.

What does your brand do?

If your brand is known to sell products and services, you may have an easier time answering this question. For example, your answer may be, “our company sells website design services based on inbound marketing strategies”.

However, just knowing what you sell is not enough. You have to know who your audience is. Based on the same example, who are you selling your services to? Are they B2B companies or nonprofits? Or maybe your brand provides website design for freelance entrepreneurs.

Whatever, your audience may be, creating buyer personas or your ideal customers is imperative to brand engagement and lead nurturing. You have to know how to target your services to the right visitor in order to generate the leads you need to become buyers.

Why should I care about your brand?

Once you understand who your buyer personas are, now you have to educate your audience as to why the products and services your company provides should matter to them. Brand engagement and lead nurturing are not about attracting your visitors directly to your products or services and hoping they will buy. No, you have to educate your visitors and leads into potential buyers by providing them with content that matters to them.

Based on the website design example, you can use a lead nurturing email campaign to provide your lead with:

  • a how to guide on why inbound is great for small businesses
  • an eBook on why website redesign exponentially increases brand awareness especially for small businesses
  • a FAQ blog post or webinar about what to look for when hiring a website design agency.

Taking this into account, if you don’t have enough time to nurture your audience by educating them and making them care about your product, use marketing automation. Marketing automation saves time because, it defines, schedules, segments, and tracks marketing campaigns for your specific buyer personas. By creating a workflow around our website design example, you can schedule your lead nurturing campaigns with marketing automation in order to manage communications based on your prospects’ engagement with your content.

For example, a lead downloads your eBook about why website redesign exponentially increases brand awareness especially for small businesses. With marketing automation, a scheduled email can be sent to your new lead that includes your 10 step checklist to see if your website needs a redesign. And then a week later, you can send a free FAQ webinar event for what to look for when hiring a website design agency.

The above example is just a taste of what a lead nurturing workflow would look like with marketing automation. Marketing automation is a time saver yet still focuses on engaging with your audience while nurturing them through the funnel.

If you're interested in marketing automation, then join the many companies who have automated lead management and have seen a 10% or greater increase in revenue in 6-9 months all with lead nurturing.

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