Inspiring Modern Website Design Trends

Organize your content with smaller, bite-sized, modular blocks

Your website is your hardest working employee. Now, don’t you think this dedicated worker deserves a face lift? Looking for that extra dose of design inspiration?

Why not give it some love. Here are a few modern online design trends that are resonating with creatives and users alike.

Make it Personal
Humanizing any content will keep the user interested and their web experience more fulfilling. Speak to your audience by targeting your ideal customers needs and lead them down a personalized buyer’s journey with targeted content and smart forms.

Inform with interactive storytelling
Tell a story using infographics or flip cards. Make the information scannable. Keep it simple. Keep it clean. Keep your copy short and sweet. Keep it fresh. Three seconds or less is what your audience is willing to invest in your content. Capture them with bite-size, chewable chunks of content. Flip cards are a great way for the user to dig deeper by clicking on the image and learning more about the topic. This is a super way to showcase products, services, story ideas and other solutions side-by-side. Cards also work will with modular responsive design techniques.

Blend multiple media together to tell one comprehensive story. Be creative with graphical elements that the user can explore. Make sure and stay on brand, using your color palette and style guidelines.

Hook your audience with large hero graphics
Create a strong visual experience to encourage your audience to read more. Add a short statement or tag line and overlay on top. Along with the messaging, try using interesting, strong or playful typography. If you are designing with photography or some other illustrative art that has a restricted size, feather the edges and add an additional photo or some illustrative elements to assist in filling the large wide horizontal canvas. Look for panoramic images to start with. That will help with the extension needed of the artwork. Using simple solid color is also very popular and easy to work with in large scale sizes.

Engage your users with background videos
Page-wide videos set a tone and mood to your website and tend to captivate the attention of the viewer, compelling them to dig deeper into the product or service being offered. Video can quickly communicate key points about your company to the user and can even be set to automatically play on the page. They are great for setting a tone and pace for your website. They can tell a story quickly and reduce other content that may be needed to explain your business. Users will garner key points about your company without having to read anything. Remember background videos can emote a feeling, promote your brand and add interest to it without the hard sell. Idea: Try bringing the opacity down of the video and layer a special pull quote or punchy copy on top. Videos can be consumed quickly and our brains can process enormous amounts of content this way.

Create short product or feature videos
Companies are also using video to bring solutions to life. They could be product demos or features and benefits tours. Shorter videos allow for a quick understanding. Modern websites now include a variety of video styles: testimonial videos, explainer videos and virtual tours. 92% of B2B customers watch online video, and 43% of B2B customers watch online video when researching products and services for their business. [Inc. Magazine] In fact, viewers who watch a product video are 15% to 20% more likely to convert. [Wistia]

Use flat design or semi-flat design
Many businesses have shifted toward flat design. The trend is toward simple, clean and easy-to-understand graphical elements. Often you will see icons and other infographic imagery without shadows or three dimension. There’s a trend toward creating call-to-action, CTA’s with a more subtle look and feel. The button doesn’t need to shout at you to feel clickable. Flat design loads up faster than other types of graphics.

Make your site easy-to-use with scrolling pages
The abundant use of mobile devices for web viewing has made scrolling pages more desireable. It’s easier for the mobile user to navigate through scrolling vs. finding a link, read the content, clicking the button, and then waiting for the new page to load up.

Google’s algorithm rewards mobile-friendly websites and punishes sites that are not mobile-friendly. Remember to present your content through scrolling pages rather than a series of short clickable pages. This will continue to keep your website friendly for all devices.

Implementing these design trends will generate excitement, create a memorable interaction for your users, and enhance your brand. Your website deserves to be modernized.

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