Instagramania Marketing & Social Media Strategy

You can measure social media influence, analyze your marketing, and refine your marketing strategy. There are plenty of opportunities to adjust your social media marketing technique as you develop more campaigns.

In Create Instagramania and Increase Social Media Engagement, we covered how interactive design and digital media can boost your overall rockstar brand; let’s take these nuggets of inbound marketing methodology and apply them directly to Instagram.

Devise a plan to begin you primary campaign:

  • Whom are you trying to reach?
  • Who needs your brand?
  • When are they on Instagram?
  • How are they using Instagram?

“Find Customers on Instagram-
Here's a simple way to find out who's using Instagram to take photos at your business:

Take a photo at your business, then tap “add to photo map” and then “name this location” before uploading the photo. Find your business in the nearby results or by searching for the location and then upload your photo.

Once your photo has been uploaded, tap the location name that appears in blue text above your photo to see all the photos that have been tagged with that location.

Take a cue from the Roxy and try reaching out to some of the Instagrammers taking photos at your business. If there aren't any photos on your location page yet, consider hosting a contest like the Brooklyn Bowl's to get things started. Also be sure to check out our best practices and tips for brands on our Instagram for Business blog.”

Source: Instagram Business

Be sure when you are taking your content to the net it is well developed based on your buyer personas (read more about the development of buyer personas HERE.)

Using Personas to Drive Traffic to a Business Blog

Although Instagram can work hand-in-hand with Facebook,  it is important you are not sharing too much from Facebook to Instagram and vice versa. The more duplicate content, the less likely your chances of settling at the top of subject matter expertise in your niche.

A simple way to avoid this is to remember the direct upload rule. You should only directly upload a piece of content to one specific place or channel. Once you have that media or freemium uploaded, use the share buttons to push it around as your campaign timing deems fit.

As with any multi-platform engagement, you should limit parallel posts on different social media platforms. Strive for a 10:1 ratio of platform-specific content to repurposed cross-platform content. This means that ideally, just 10% of your posts would be identical across multiple social media properties.

Honestly, if you have siblings, you do not want your little brother or sister (even as an adult) to have all the same things you have, right?

This is a similar concept to sibling rivalry. It not only applies to Facebook and Instagram but every social site, platform, or communication channel. Content is king but fresh content is the king of spades.

Original useful, value-adding, eye-catching content should not be recycled too many times. Always keep in mind the lifecycle of a status or post before your schedule in multiples.

Think about your content ratio from a higher level. Would you want a bunch of the same pictures from your favorite restaurant in your news feed, all the time? Most wouldn’t and that is perfectly acceptable. Now think about this, what if those pictures were of the SAME featured dish EACH TIME they made it, all day?

Nightmare, right? That place is ALWAYS busy.

Ideally - and believe me, it will not be an overnight process - you would take each channel one at a time and thoroughly develop a solid strategy. To do this in an effective and more efficient manner, you must evaluate your audience.

If you have a social media platform you are looking to integrate such as Instagram, be sure to evaluate all of your early settlers.

Always track best times to post, activity on individual posts, activity as a whole, your profile activity compared to competitors, and your big picture. You can do this by hanging out after each post for 5 to 10 minutes. The only process to this point would be guess and check. The guessing should be done in an educated manner, always refer back to your buyer persona and their habits. In the 5 to 10 minutes monitor reaction, engagement, and always participate to ensure you are listening AND understanding what your community needs. Afterall, the consumer always calls the shots.

Of course, these are not the only stats you should be tracking, but these will be a great start.

Once you have a good idea who your audience is and which personas they fit, talk to them!

This is how you boost your marketing efforts with a solid social media strategy.

Until next time:

Go get your streaming rockstar video, graphics, photos and build your brand on Instagram.

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